Miriam Graduates

Deb and Lee Slupianek are pleased to announce the preparatory school graduation of their sponsored student, Miriam. Miriam has been with the FOB scholarship program for three years and represents the last of the high school students on the program. Two years ago, FOB transitioned to extending scholarships to only University students. This decision was based upon the fact that our program was originally intended to help students overcome the financial burden of the daily bus fare into Mazatlán. Since the Barrón Preparatory School opened three years ago, local students no longer need to commute to receive a high school education. In fact, through the efforts of Lance Gutersohn and Jeremy Kennell, Barrón’s high school has the latest computer technology and can potentially deliver a better education than is available in other local schools.



Miriam at graduation

October 1 is the deadline for University applications. Lee and Deb report that Miriam has been accepted into a University and they look forward to continuing her support as she pursues a career. If you would like to adopt a deserving University student from Barrón, Mexíco, please contact either Dale Lyster or Richard McGuire. We hope to receive the applications by mid-October and by November, we will know how many additional sponsors will be needed.


Thank you for your support.


Miriam in 2016



Jorge Begins His Career​ Thanks to the Rupe’s

Jorge has been with the Friends of Barrón Scholarship Program since he was in preparatory school. His first sponsors were Ron and Joyce Pogue, who supported him until his graduation. He was able to use his diploma and education to qualify for entrance into the prestigious maritime academy in Mazatlán, Mexico, and graduated this spring. During his four collegiate years, Rob and Jayne Rupe were his sponsors.

Jorge at age 15. He spent one year on high school scholarship.


The future captain will eventually have his own ship.

Friends of Barrón received an update from Jayne last month. Jorge left for his first job in Campeche, Mexico (a major port on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula) on July 3, 2019. According to Jayne, his departure for Campeche was very touch and go, since he did not receive his maritime passport until the day before.
He is living on a “vessel” that is currently inactive and he is waiting for a contract. He is sailing every day on another boat that transports people to oil platforms out in the Gulf of Mexico.
The captain has given him permission to learn how to do maneuvers and pilot the boat. When inactive he even cooks for the crew….not one of his favorite activities. He is still not “an employee,” but does receive room and board and experience. He is searching for a company where he can be gainfully employed.
Rob and Jayne are two of FOB’s best supporters. They also sponsored Daniella, who has graduated from university this year. Her major was physical therapy and she is now performing her residency. She prefers to work with children and is gaining valuable experience. Ron and Jayne hope to sponsor Daniela’s brother, Manuel when he enters University.                                                                              image1SAM_1186
It is only because of the generosity of people like the Rupe’s that Friends of Barrón is able to enable the children of Barrón to attend university and have a chance to give back to their community. If you would like to contribute to the advanced education of deserving children of people who live nearby our beautiful estate in Mexico, Estrella del Mar, please contact Dale Lyster or Richard McGuire.

Iris Graduates

Iris is our success story.  She originally joined the scholarship program in 2014. She went unsponsored until Jim & Sue Baillon stepped up to the plate and sponsored both her and Teresita, who remains in University. Teresita is now sponsored by Bonnie McGuire Wreschner and she is set to graduate next year. Iris has been sponsored by Dick & Kris Mcguire since 2016. Although Iris has struggled in her academic career (she went on probation at least twice) but each time, she pulled her grades up to again qualify for the program. In the interim, she has matured in a beautiful young woman with goals and aspirations. Her scholarship will continue for another year as she serves her year internship in physical therapy.


Iris, a student sponsored by Jim & Susan Baillon for the academic year 2014-2015.

IMG_3911 2

Iris & her proud father at her University graduation ceremony. He is a long-time EDM employee. Dick & Kris Mcguire are her proud sponsors.

Barrón High School Graduates

To all,

With our collective efforts, we are happy to celebrate the 2nd Graduating Class from the Barron High School next Monday, June 10 at 4:30 pm. There are nine graduates in the class of 2019, all of which have been working at Estrella del Mar through a cooperative internship program between the schools and Estrella del Mar. Due to this relationship, the Graduation ceremony will be held in the Ballroom at Las Villas Hotel. 
We are excited to have you as our guest for the celebration dinner and ceremony.
Dinner will include salad, your choice of pasta and dessert with light refreshments. Drink service will be available in Las Delfines.
The cost for dinner and the celebration is $400 pesos per person and cash is greatly appreciated.
In order to have an accurate headcount, you MUST RSVP BY Clicking Here no later than this Thursday!

One last item, I did my best to be inclusive of the invite list, but please feel free to forward this email to anyone you feel appropriate.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 
Kindest regards,
Jeremy & Margaret

Call for Volunteers

Our charitable organization, Friends of Barron (FOB CANAM INC) has sponsored medical clinics in the small rural community of Barron, Sinaloa, Mexico since 2015.  Dr Bonnie McGuire and her team of volunteer doctors and nurses have performed three week-long, free clinics thus far.  Each annual clinic has treated between 200-300 patients.  The objective of these clinics has not only been to provide vital medical services but to demonstrate the need for a permanent clinic to the townspeople and the government of the state of Sinaloa.
The people of Barron have recently petitioned their government to build, staff and equip a new permanent clinic.  Recently, the government has committed to do so.  The community of Barron has donated the land for the project and FOB and Barron have raised $20,000 USD.  We hope to have a clinic operational by this time next year.
Once operational, FOB and our volunteer doctors and nurses will resume annual intensive clinics in cooperation with local doctors.  We anticipate our focus to be more on medical staff training and education as well as patient treatment.  We would be pleased and grateful for volunteers for these future clinics.  Meanwhile, check out our blog site fobnews.org and feel free to contact Dr. McGuire directly for additional information.

Medical Clinic Closer to Reality

The long-awaited medical/dental clinic for the town of Barrón is glimmering with renewed hope. Historically, an objective of the three “Pilot Clinics” that were pioneered by Dr. Bonnie McGuire, Dr. Rod Kassa and Dr. Ben Kaasa was to evaluate the need and desire of the community to have a permanent clinic with a doctor, full time nurse and part-time dentist.  The community response was overwhelmingly positive. Friends of Barrón presented the idea of building a permanent clinic to the Ejido president and he invited us to present it to the Ejido general assembly on two occasions.  The assembly unanimously voted to donate the land for the clinic.  They then appointed a committee of four local women, plus the Ejido president and FOB to move the program forward.  Over the last three years, the committee and FOB raised $400,000 pesos for the project.

In March 2018, Barrón solicited the help of the Mazatlan government to build, equip and staff the clinic.  The committee and FOB were invited to present the project to the MZT president and his staff.  They approved the project and within three months provided plans and budget.  Then the president lost the election in July.  The committee presented the project to the new administration and they rejected it due to lack of funds.  At that point, we thought it was dead.  The committee decided that the only option was to solicit Sinaloan state government help.  Luckily, the Barrón Ejido president had a good contact in Culiacán who scheduled an audience with the governor’s Chief of Staff and the Secretary of Health and Social Development.

A delegation drove to Culiacán and presented the project. Surprisingly,  they approved it and said they had the budget to build, equip and staff the clinic.  A week later the Secretary and his entourage of 10 people came to Barron to see the site for the clinic and discuss further details.  During the meetings the Secretary of Health was texting the Governor, explaining the project to him.  Before the meeting was over, the governor called to approve the project.  That was early March.

Three weeks later the Ejido Assembly met and signed over title to the land to the state of Sinaloa.  The Medical Clinic project is now in the hands of the State.  Friends of Barrón feels that the clinic will be built but, as always in Mexico, we will believe it when we see it.  We have their promise, let’s celebrate when they break ground.

Overview of FOB Activities in Barron

FOB CANAM, Inc.’s mission is to help improve educational, health, and economic conditions for the residents of Barron, Sinaloa, Mexico, a town of 2,000 people located twenty minutes south of Mazatlan. Friends of Barron (FOB, also known as FOB CANAM AC) has been working in Barron for ten years and the needs of the schools and the community continue to grow.  We are always in need of financial support for the many projects we have listed below.  Please note:  100% of the money that is raised goes directly to our projects.  There are no administration fees – the foundation is totally run by volunteers.

  • FOB CANAM, Inc. provides scholarships to students that are looking to continue their high school or university education.   We are always looking for sponsors for these individual applicants.
  • FOB CANAM, Inc. donates computers and schools supplies to each of the five schools in Barron. We are working to bring Internet connectivity to the High School.
  • FOB CANAM, Inc. also provides free dental clinics for kindergarten and primary school students and provides a one week medical doctor health clinic for community members in need.
  • FOB CANAM, Inc. provides micro-loans to local women who are looking to start their own business and become self-sufficient members of society.
  • FOB CANAM, Inc. also provides 50% of the financial resources that the schools identify for their infrastructure projects.  The other 50% is provided by the schools.  For example, we are now building two classrooms for the new high school. These two projects will cost $160,000 pesos.

As you can see, we are very busy. Each of these projects requires money. If you are interested in supporting the students and families of Barron, please go to CrowdRise.com/friends_of_barron and make a donation.

FOB Receives Donation from EDM

Friends of Barron would like to thank Estrella del Mar, Señor Carranza and Jorge Corral for their donation of $50,000 pesos. These funds will go a long way to fulfill the committment that Friends of Barron has made to the people of Barron. In the past eleven years, we have augmented school infrastructure, aided students in their pursuit of higher education, provided micro-financing for upstart businesses, installed computer labs at the primary, secondary and prep schools and provided medical and dental clinics to bring the wonders of modern medicine to this tiny agricultural outpost. Please remember that it is due to the efforts of a gardening staff made up primarily of Barron residents that make this golf course so attractive. Friends of Barron would also like to thank the following Estrella del Mar residents who have selflessly participated in the achievement of the lofty goals set forth by Friends of Barron:  Dale Lyster, Richard McGuire, Claire Silk, Margaret Perez, Jeremy Kennell, those who support our 33 scholarship students and all the people who assist with the clinics. Thank you, players, for coming out to the charity golf tournament every year. I guaratee the money will be put to good use.

Medical Clinic Progress

The Barron Ejido president, Jorge Hilario Espinosa formed a committee of four Barron leaders to solicit local government (municipality of Mazatlan) support and funding for the project. The committee has raised $50,000 pesos in Barron for the project so far.

The Ejido of Barron has donated the land for the new clinic and has transferred title to the municipality of Mazatlan.

FOB CANAM INC has committed $400,000 pesos to the project.  We have also offered to help equip it once built.  We have raised $300,000 pesos to date.

The government has agreed to build and staff the clinic and has produced plans and budgets.  They estimate a $1,600,000 peso construction project.

Elections were in July and a new municipal president will take power this month.  So far his administration has verbally agreed to pursue the project.  Obviously, this participation is key to success.  We have been told that nothing will happen until the new administration takes control. We will routinely advise you of progress.

New Computers Arrive

Because of the generosity of many individuals, the Barron high school has taken delivery of 22 Samsung tablets connecting to the new high speed internet. Thanks to Jeremy Kennell and Lance Gutersohn, these machines are becoming part of the educational curriculum, accelerating these kids into the 21st century. Thank you Lance and Jeremy and everyone else who made this happen. More computers are needed however, so if you have about $300 usd to spare, donate it and we will buy another computer. We have a RallyUp site devoted to this effort.

Other developments include the extension of high speed internet into both the middle school and the primary school. For the first tine in history, all three principals are working together to improve the educational standards in Barron

The third wonderful thing happening in Barron is the addition of an internet hotspot in the plaza. Very soon, anyone with a smartphone will be able to connect to the internet while enjoying the beautiful plaza. Hopefully, they will be doing their homework.

The final step in the right direction is that plans for a new medical/dental clinic are progressing. Completion of this clinic is a milestone that will coincidentally mark the end of our annual dental clinic in the primary school. For the past six years, a remarkable set of dental professionals have donated their time, money and expertise to improve the dental health of the community. Simple thanks to this team, led by Jeff and Deb Astroth and Kurt Ferre, is insufficient. In a feeble effort to convey our thanks, we will be hosting a special Mother’s Day Taco Party scheduled for Thursday, May 10. If you can attend, you will be most welcome.