Scholarship Program Results – 2009 through 2022

Over the past fourteen years, FOB CANAM Inc has awarded eighty university scholarships. Among those scholars, thirty-six have graduated from a university, twenty-four remain enrolled, and twenty have left the program without a university degree for various reasons, including relocation, marriage, and a need to work for pay.

Of the thirty-six graduates:

  • Fourteen are now Certified Teachers
  • Four are Engineers
  • Three are Social Workers
  • Three are Nurses
  • Three are in the Merchant Marine
  • Two hold Business degrees
  • One is a Medical Doctor
  • One is a Dentist
  • One is a Chef
  • One is a Psychologist
  • One is a Physical Therapist
  • One is a Lawyer
  • One is an Accountant

Of those continuing their studies, we have future Fisheries Biologists, more Teachers, and many more professionals in training. These young Barrón residents’ accomplishments are humbling, and we are indebted to those who have and continue to sponsor them. Thank you.

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