Presenting More 2020-2021 University Scholarship Winners

Call for sponsors

Friends of Barrón has accepted eight new, qualified university students into our scholarship program. All these students are Barron residents who are in various stages of their university programs. All are A and B students in good standing with their respective universities. Profiles of each student are presented below. University scholarships are $700 USD/school year and are paid out to the students in three installments. These scholarships cover about a third of the annual cost to attend university. If you would like to sponsor one or more of these students, please contact Richard McGuire or Dale Lyster FOB CANAM INC is a 501(c)(3) registered charity in the US meaning that all donations are tax deductible against US sourced income.

María Estephani – Sponsored by Margaret Perez

María is twenty-two years old and is in her third year of Nursing School at the University of Sinaloa in Mazatlan. She is trying to work her way through school and spends 42 hours per week on the job as a cook and a waitress. During vacations, she works as a storekeeper and a day laborer in the agricultural fields around Barrón. She will graduate from Nursing School in two years, and after she finds gainful employment, she would like to volunteer her nursing services to the poor people in the community of Barrón.

Jesús Martin – Needs a Sponsor

Jesús is twenty years old and is enrolled in the University of Sinaloa Agronomy Program in Rosario, Sinaloa. Jesus is studying fruit culture and is seeking a degree in Agricultural Business, a four-year program. Jesus is a baseball player in this spare time, and works in agricultural around Barron and in an auto mechanics shop. After finding gainful employment and experience in the Agri-chemical Business, he would like to develop an organic farm in Barron and develop chemical-free crops that can be exported to the United States and Canada. He sees Environmental Education as an important endeavor for the residents of Barrón to help them protect their precious river and their flora and fauna.

Kate Estephania – Sponsored by Torrey Cosgrove

Kate is eighteen years old and is enrolled in the Polytechnic University in Mazatlán studying animation and visual effects, a three-and-a-half-year program. Kate maintains a 9.3 GPA and her passion is drawing and painting. Kate has a history of volunteering for several services in and around Barrón and Mazatlán. She works with Amigos de los Animales, which is a rescue and adoption program for animals. She also volunteers to help kids with cancer and helps raise money for their medical treatments. She has volunteered as a tutor for the secondary and prep schools in Barrón. She would like to decorate the Plazuela in Barrón with murals, making it more picturesque for the local residents. Her dream is to work as a animation and visual effects artist in a Warner Brothers or Pixar Studio.

Jesús Francisco – Sponsored by Joe Peters & Kelly Cosgrove

Jesús is nineteen years old and is enrolled as a cadet in his second year of military school in México City. This is a four-year program that will lead to a degree in Public Security. His ultimate goal is to be in the National Guard or Military Police where he would specialize in natural disaster response. His stated objective in life is to serve his country. During his summer vacations in Barrón, he works as a fisherman and in the local agricultural fields. His favorite pass-times are baseball and reading.

William Smith – Needs a Sponsor

William is eighteen years old and is enrolled in the Education at the University of Sinaloa where he is pursuing a teaching degree. This is a five-year program. He is helping to put himself through school by working sixteen hours a week as a waiter in the restaurants in Isla de la Piedra and as a day laborer in the agricultural fields of Barrón. He volunteers as an internet technology tutor for kids in the secondary and high schools of Barrón. Ultimately, his goal is to be a teacher and set up workshops for kids to learn new technologies after school hours.

Katia Guadalupe – Needs a Sponsor

Katia is eighteen years old and is a freshman in the Nursing Program at the University of Sinaloa. She is a graduate of the Barrón high school where she maintained an 8.5 GPA. During her summer vacations and on weekends, she works in a mango packing plant and as a waitress at Stone Island. One of her goals when she graduates is to return to Barrón and work as a nurse.

Nayleth Isabel – Needs a Sponsor

Nayleth is eighteen years old. She graduated last June from the Barron high school. She now is a freshman at the School of Fine Arts in Mazatlan pursuing a degree and license in child care. During school, she works as a waitress ten hours a week in Stone Island and she also tends a small store in Barrón. Nayleth’s dream is to set up a day care center in Barrón so that working mothers have an alternative outside of their immediate families. She is married and is expecting her first child in the next few months. She will continue her univertsity education after her child is born with the help of her mother.

Arlete Joceylyn – Sponsored by Richard and Kris McGuire

Arlete is nineteen years old enrolled int he Technical Institute of Mazatlán in a four year program to become a fisheries biologist. She is in her second year of University. Arlete’s goal is to work in aquaculture and ultimately to start her own aquaculture business in the Barrón area.

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