Call for Sponsors 2021

Thanks to our sponsors, we saw eight of our Barrón scholarship students graduate from university in 2021. Some of these students have been in the program since freshmen in high school. Of the eight graduates, half have entered internship programs ranging from medical doctor to accountant. In all cases, our generous sponsors are supporting their students through their internships as well.

FOB now has 28 Barrón students on university scholarship; 23 of these students have sponsors. We have five new students in need of sponsors. If you are an EDM resident and wish to sponsor one of these students, contact Dick or Kris McGuire, Phase 1, condo 106. Meanwhile, talk to one of the many past and present EDM sponsors about their experience and the cross cultural opportunities the program has afforded it’s sponsors, our students and their families. This program provides a unique opportunity to connect with the local community! For details on how the program works click on the “Scholarships” tab on the fob website.

Nayleth Isabel has been sponsored by Lee Smith

Nayleth is 19 and in her second year at Mazatlan’s school of fine arts studying to become a pre-school teacher. She has a one-year-old child and with her mother’s help babysitting, she is able to maintain a solid B average. Her ultimate goal after graduation is to open a new day care center in Barrón to eventually provide this important service for the many working mothers.

Ana Julieta has been sponsored by Margaret Perez

Ana is 18 years old and is in her second year studying accounting at Sinaloa state university in Mazatlan. Accounting is a five year program which includes one year of apprenticeship. Ana was raised by a single mim and is working almost full-time while in school trying to help pay her own way. She maintains a 9.0 grade average.

Katia Berenice has been sponsored by Reed and Bette Ratcliffe

Katia is 21 years old and a first year student in dentistry at Northern Pacific University in Mazatlan. She enjoys reading and spending time with her baby daughter. She works half-time while in school and contributes to her education and do her parents. Dental school costs range from $4000 -$6000 pesos per month and she is having difficulty making ends meet on her own. She has expressed a desire to volunteer as an intern at the FOB Medical/Dental Clinic in Barrón.

William Smith has been sponsored by Dale Lyster

William is nineteen years old and is enrolled in education at the University of Sinaloa, Mazatlan where he is pursuing a high school teaching degree. This is a five-year program. He is helping to put himself through school by working sixteen hours a week as a waiter in the restaurants in Isla de la Piedra and as a day laborer in the agricultural fields of Barrón. He volunteers as an internet technology tutor for kids in the secondary and high schools of Barrón. Ultimately, his goal is to be a teacher and set up workshops for kids to learn new technologies after school hours.

Katia Guadalupe has been sponsored by Reed and Bette Ratcliffe

Katia is nineteen years old and is a sophomore in the Nursing Program at the University of Sinaloa, Mazatlan. She is a graduate of the Barrón high school where she maintained an 8.5 GPA. During her summer vacations and on weekends, she works in a mango packing plant and as a waitress at Stone Island. One of her goals when she graduates is to return to Barrón and work as a nurse.

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