The annual cost of a scholarship for the school year is $600 USD for all students who commute from Barron. University scholarships vary with the cost of the chosen curriculum, anywhere from $700 USD to $1200 USD per academic year. The money is awarded to the students only after they submit their quarterly report cards that reflect at least a “B” average. Students who do not achieve a “B” average go on probation. They have one semester to bring their average up and maintain their status in the program.

No matter how much you contribute, you will be supporting all or part of one or more students in their quest to better themselves and their community. To help support all or any portion of these expenses, please send a check made out to “FOB CANAM AC” (it has to be exact) to either Dale Lyster (1117) or Dick McGuire (1105).  In return, you gain contact and perhaps friendship with a local family. Or just donate!

Please note that FOB CANAM AC is a registered as a charitable Civil Association (AC) in Mexico, therefore your donations are deducible from your taxes in Mexico.  The United States and Canada recognize Mexican charities and allow charitable contributions to be deducted against Mexican-sourced income. FOB can provide written documentation of your contribution.


Scholarship Program –  There are six prep school kids from previous years in need of sponsors. Please review their bios. They are heartwarming. These kids need your donations, or better yet, they need you to directly sponsor them.


Kenia – Sponsored by DJR!!
Age 18

Kenia completed her second year at prep school thanks to a scholarship sponsored by Marcia Pratt, Linda Raasveldt and Bob Stenhouse. Kenia was the top performing student of all scholarship students that year with a 9.5 average. Her high school sponsors decided to discontinue their support for the next year so Kenia is now attending University and is sponsored by DJR.

Kenia likes soccer and volleyball and chatting with her fiends. She attends prep school Ruben Jaramillo (UAS). She wants to be a pediatrician or a nutritionist. She is now attending University.

In her prep school application essay she wrote:
“I have always liked school and have always had good grades. I have always liked studying and I am responsible and committed to my studies. I would like to pursue a career and I really love babies. For that reason, my chosen career is pediatrics. But my second option is nutrition. I have always wanted to be a baby doctor since I was young. My dream is to come back to my community and open up a medical clinic. My parents have always helped me and have always had faith in me. This scholarship will allow me to help them. When I am successful in my career and have money, I want to buy a big house for my parents and take them on trips all over the world. I want to have the money to do this for them.”

Kenia finished secondary school with an A+ average. At the end of high school she presented a 9.8 grade point average, the highest among all scholarship recipients. She is now attending University.


Iris – Sponsored by Jim & Susan Baillon and Dick & Kris McGuire
Age 18

Iris competed her the second year of prep school with a 8.4 average and remains in good standing in the program.

Iris loves soccer and attends Ruben Jaramillo prep school (UAS). She finished her first year with a grade point average of 8.1 and has begun her last year in August. After prep school, Iris wants to go on to be a chef or a dentist She wants to make something of her life and understands that in order to achieve her goals, she needs an education. She wants to be the pride of her parents and show them she can pursue a career because it is their influence and help that she is motivated to continue her studies.

In her application essay, Iris wrote:
“My parents have given me so much support and help in pursuing a dignified educational path. Education will help me along my career path, especially when I encounter career obstacles because I know I can overcome those obstacles and continue forward if I have a good education. When I become a professional, I am going to provide financial help to my family because I am indebted to them for providing me with the willpower to make something out of my life.”

Iris graduated with a A+ from secondary school. Iris is now in her first year of University and her scholarship has been picked up by Dick and Kris McGuire.


Teresita – Sponsored by Jim & Susan Baillon!
Age 18

Teresita completed the second year of prep school with a 9.4 average.

Teresita likes to read books and watch TV. She attends Ruben Jaramillo (UAS) in Mazatlan and is University bound. She finished her first year in prep school with an average of 9.7. She needs a solid prep school experience in order to get into University. She wants to become a professional so she can get a good job and help her family.

In her application essay she wrote:
“I have always thought that when I finished my studies in secondary school that I would go on to high school, because I can see in the example of my parents, who do not have a high school education, that this is important. I don’t want to be in the same situation as they are today. I want to win this scholarship so I can continue studying because the economic situation here is very difficult. My mother has to stay at home and its only my father that works as a farmer. My parents are very concerned about my education and they are the force that encourages me to continue my studies and become a professional. I also have a younger sister who is in the secondary school in Barron and so the economic situation for my parents is very difficult.”

Teresita has an A++ average in secondary school. She is now in University and is now sponsored by Harrison and Bonnie Wreschner.

Jorge Manuel – Sponsored by Ron & Joyce Pogue and Rob and Jayne RupeSAM_0867
Age 17

Jorge completed his second year of prep school with a  9.4 average.

Jorge loves to play soccer, baseball and can be seen frequently playing golf. He loves to run, read and listen to music. He would like to attend the School of Naval Engineering in Vera Cruz after finishing high school. He plans on attending University and securing his engineering license. Jorge attained a grade point average of 9.1 after the first year of prep school.

In his application essay (which he wrote in English) Jorge says:
“As you can see, [I can also speak] some English. My parents are divorced for seven years. I live with my Mom and my brother, Luis Fernando. My life has not been easy for I have been through so much [such] as the divorce of my parents. My parents love me so much but sometimes I feel sad because I miss my dad but I have learned to tend to myself with the help of my mom and my grandparents and my sister. So I forged my character and I [intend] to be the best man and human being like my dad and to be better than him. I would like to enter the Heroic Naval Military School in Vera Cruz because it instills values, character, discipline and after five years of work plus an internship I can have work. Nowadays, jobs are very scarce. I want to prepare very well for a good future and help my Mom out because she has done so much for me. She is my great example. God willing, I think that I will marry, have children, a dog, a house, a car and try every day to make my family happy. So I would like to win the scholarship so that my Mom will “alcanse” for my studies and my brother’s studies. I thank you for taking me into consideration and taking the time to read my essay. Despite the difficulties presented to me in my short life, I consider myself lucky to have a wonderful family that always supports me, especially mu Mom, who has been everything in my life. The goal I have set myself is to [graduate] out of junior high with a good grade average and enter high school and later, if God lets me, go to college and pursue a goal that I always [wanted] like and engineer and logistics so in the future [I can] support my Mom and my brother [who] also wants to be a great professional like me.”

Jorge graduated from secondary school with an A+ average. His grades have been exemplary and he is growing into a fine young man.  His goal is to be accepted into the Naval Academy in Mazatlan. Jorge entered the University Scholarship Program when he was accepted at the Merchant Marine Academy and is sponsored by Rob and Jayne Rupe.


Kathia – Sponsored by Dick & Kris McGuireKatia
Age 18

Kathia has completed her third year at University majoring in Tourism and Hospitality in Mazatlan. She occasionally  practices some of her newly found skills and shares them with her sponsor. It’s been delicious!

Kathia likes to read and walk. Kathia attended the “Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa” (UAS), an academically oriented high school in Mazatlan. She completed nine courses in the first year and earned an “A” average and had a 100% attendance record. Thanks to Tim & Nancy Muzyka for supporting Kathia through her prep school years. She has now graduated and continues at the University of Sinaloa in a Nutrition and Culinary Science program. She was awarded a $15,000 peso scholarship by FOB CANAM to continue her studies.

In her secondary school exit essay she wrote:
“Here is wishing you success in everything you do and blessings you and your family”

My name is Kathia Berenice G. I. This year I will finish my studies at the prep school Ruben Jaramillo and like most good students my age I want to continue studying and pursuing my dreams. The economic factor is the principle obstacle that I see in my dream to become a professional. With this letter, I would like to solicit from you a continuing scholarship so I can pursue higher education in the Universidad Autonomia de Sinaloa. I would like to pursue a professional degree in nutrition and chef school. I would like to become a high level professional chef and contribute to the development of food services using the latest technology in culinary science. I am very interested in understanding the food service industry on a regional, national and international level. Unfortunately, to pursue studies for this career is very expensive unless I can get in to some government school. My parents don’t have the economic resources necessary to help me pursue this dream. I have a sister who is already studying at the university and a brother who is in secondary school.

In truth, I really want to thank you for the help you have already given me for prep school but I would be forever thankful if you could help me with my university studies. I promise you that I will discharge my responsibilities favorably if you agree to help me. Its my feeling that intelligence does not only consist of knowledge but one’s ability to apply that knowledge in a practical way.

I will await your favorable response to this humble petition. Before I say goodbye I want to thank you again for the help you have given to me and the help that you have given to so many young people with this program.

Now that I have gotten to this point in life and I am about to finish prep school, it is with a lot of emotion and gratitude that I want to tell you how important my economic help has been and how it helped me continue my studies without interruption. For me and for my parents, if it wasn’t for this help that you have given me, I probably would not have been able to continue my studies.


Bianca – Sponsored by Jim & Frances Barnes!Bianca
Age 19
Bianca is in her third year of University.

Bianca likes to read and enjoys sports. She had been sponsored by Jim & Frances Barnes throughout her prep school years. When she was accepted into the University of Sinaloa to study Business Administration (a four-year program), Jim & Frances decided to continue as Bianca’s sponsors through university. The value of Bianca’s scholarship is $12000 pesos per year.

In her prep school exit essay, Bianca wrote:
“The reason I am contacting you now is that I hope you will continue to help me with this scholarship because I need it now more than ever because I want to continue studying for a career and it’s even more expensive. I want to continue my studies because I want to be somebody in life. Once I have graduated and have my career, I want to help my community with the knowledge that I have gained during my studies. I know my community needs a lot and seems to be stuck. There is no progress in this community and it seems to me that young people with new ideas can make things better here.

I believe that education is the best basis for life. It seems to me that a person that is not educated does not have much of a future, especially here, where the only thing you can do is work on a farm and the employers treat you very badly. On the other hand, the person who has an education and has a career has a much better future and better opportunities for work. My vision has always been to graduate with a career and not get diverted halfway through my education.

I want to study business administration and graduate with a career in that subject. My biggest fear is that I get started on my career and my studies and I will not be able to finish because my parents don’t have the economic resources necessary to see me through my college education. For this reason, I hope you will continue your help with the scholarship so I can go forward with my studies. With nothing else to say, I want to thank you again for all the help you have given me and I hope that you will consider my petition for continued help with my studies.

With much love and respect. Thank you very, very much.


Bill & Jane with Jessica

Jessica – Sponsored by Bill and Jane Jackson
Age 20
Jessica lives in Barron and is enrolled at the University of Sinaloa in the fifth and final year. She will soon be a licensed nurse.  She finished her third year with a 9.1 average with help from her $9000 peso scholarship. She likes to listen to music, read and study. She is maintaining an “A” average in University.

In her prep school essay she wrote:
“I want to finish my studies in nursing because I feel that higher education is the basis for personal success and it’s a way for me to repay my parents for all they have done for me. I decided to study nursing because I feel it’s a very humane profession. It’s a career that can provide a lot of satisfaction because you are helping other people in need that are not your own family. Another motive for me to finish my studies is that I think that when I am done, I can help my parents financially and if they ever get sick, I’ll be there to be able to provide professional advice and help. I am really happy to have this scholarship because I have a lot of expenses in uniforms and transportation. My last year of nursing school is a practicum and I’ll be in a hospital but I don’t get paid. I’ve always been worried because there are three siblings in my house that are students and sometimes I worry that there is not enough money to send us all to school and that I’ll have to drop out. But with this scholarship, I’ll be able to stay in school.”

Jessica was awarded a $9000 peso scholarship.


Daniela Guadalupe – Sponsored by Jayne & Rob Rupe!

Age 17
Daniela lives in Barron. She likes to play football, watch television and play music. Daniela graduated from prep school in June with an 8.3 average. She was accepted into the psychology program at the Universidad Autonomia de Sonaloa (UAS) and wants to pursue a career in counseling.

In her prep school essay, Daniela wrote:
“I want to attend CBTIS 51. This is where I want to study. I understand that prep school is totally different from secondary school. I know I am going to have to work extra hard to pursue the career that I will choose. I don’t yet know which career I want to pursue, but I know I want to do something important that will help society. The only thing I lack in achieving my dreams for the future is economic help. My parents never had the opportunity that they are giving me. I will always appreciate them and what they have done for me.”

Daniela is in her second year of University.


Kassandra Guadalupe – Sponsored by Rod & Terri Kaasa!
Age 19
Kassandra graduated prep school and entered University. She has applied to FOB and her sponsors for continuing support. Her parents live in Barron. She likes to play all sports but is especially interested in football and volleyball.

In her essay, Kassandra wrote:
“My aspirations are first and foremost to really do well in my last year of secondary school so I can get into a good prep school which I have chosen to be Ruben Jaramillo (UAS) in Mazatlan. My goal is to do well in prep school so that I can get into a good university where I can study English and computer science. These are the two careers that most interest me. I want to be an independent, professional women; working only for myself, depending on myself and earning my own salary. Once I have achieved that, I want to help my parents and my brother with his studies. My parents wanted to be professionals but they didn’t have the economic opportunity. In their day, there was no secondary school, much less an opportunity to go to prep school. I want to be what my parents didn’t have the opportunity to be.”

Kassandra has an A+ average in secondary school. Kassandra now has a B+ average after her first year of prep school. This last semester, Kassandra achieved an 8.5 grade point average.  Kassandra is now in her second year of University.  Rod & Terri have chosen to continue their support of Kassandra. She is now in her second year.


Maria Guadalupe – Sponsored by Kris & Dick McGuireMaria GPE
Age 18
Maria lives down by the river in Barron. She likes to play football and she likes to help her mom around the house.

In her essay, Maria wrote:
“My future aspirations are to become a good nurse so I can help sick people and save lives. I want to have children. I really want to study. I understand that to become a nurse I have to study long and hard. I want to go to COBAES 37. There is only one professional in my entire family. I want to become a professional and make my family proud.”

Maria had an A+ average in secondary school. She maintained an A average throughout her academic career in prep school. She has graduated and was rewarded a University scholarship. Dick & Kris continue their sponsorship. She is now in her second year of University.




Ricardo Noel – Needs a Sponsor.
Age 16
Ricardo attends COBAIS #51 in Mazatlan and is an “A+” student. He is being raised by his grandmother and his sister in Barron and his favorite pastime is to play soccer with his buddies. He wants to get good grades in prep school so he can get into university and study architecture.

In his essay he writes:
“One of my most important decisions is to decide and choose a professional career. I evaluated several options and decided that I really want to study architecture. One of my great motives in deciding to pursue a professional career is my family, consisting of my grandmother and my sister. I want to succeed in my education so I can be somebody in life and so that I can be an important person in my community and so that I can make my family proud of me. I want you to know that this scholarship is very important to me because my economic conditions would not allow be to continue my studies. My sister, who has her own life, is the only one in my family that can help me.”



DaimyDaimy Yatziri – Needs a Sponsor.
Age 16
Daimy is an “A” student and likes to hang out with her friends and family and play soccer. She wants to do well in prep school so she can continue her studies afterwards to become a professional criminologist.

In her essay she wrote:
“I know education is one of the most important things in life. It is the primary tool to get ahead in general. But in particular, I like school. My aspirations in life are to continue my studies to become a professional and secure a stable job. My family tries to do everything possible to help me pursue my future studies but they just don’t have the economic resources. But even though they can’t afford it, they insist that I continue my studies. Also, I want to demonstrate to my friends and other people, like the help that this scholarship is offering, with a little bit of financial help, I can make the best of my opportunities and come out ahead.”


Alondra – Sponsored by Ken and Jan Clarence

Age 14

Alondra graduated the Barron middle school in June, 2015 with a “A” average. Based on her grades and the the quality of her essay, she was accepted into the scholarship program in August, 2015. Now fifteen, Alondra is currently enrolled in high school in Mazatlan.

In her essay she writes:

“I really need this scholarship because there are three kids in my family. I am the oldest. My family doesn’t have much money. My father is a day worker in the fields and my mother does not work because one of my sisters has special needs and my mother has to care for her. She used to attend a special education school in Mazatlan, but for lack of money, she has to stay home. I have big dreams to be a school teacher and maybe even through my education to get a doctor’s degree. I am not certain what I want to study but nursing and psychology are high on my list.”

Rodolfo – Sponsored by Bill and Jayne Jackson

Age 14

Adolfo graduated in June with an “B+” average. He now attends high school in Mazatlan.

In his five-page essay he writes:

“If FOB offers me this scholarship, it would be my only opportunity to continue my studies and ultimately meet my objectives. There are five kids in my family. I have two little brothers; one that is 1 yr old and another that is two. We are a family that lives day-to-day. My father does not have a salary. We get by on the little bit of money that my father makes. It makes me really sad because many times there is not sufficient money to pay the basic costs of living. My father has a really hard time supporting the family. And for these reasons I see the importance of education for myself because someday I want to get ahead. I’ve never had the opportunity to receive any kind of help with my studies. And if you award me this scholarship, I promise I will not fail. Ultimately I would like to enter University and become a Naval Engineer.”


Jesus Abraham – Sponsored by Glenn  &  Bette Millar

Age 15

Jesus graduated with his class in June and now attends high school in Mazatlan. He likes to play baseball and he wants to become a veterinarian.

In his essay he writes:

“I’m a very responsible person. I have always made good grades in school. I know that going to high school in Mazatlan is going to be a big change for me. But I know I can do it. If you agree to award me this scholarship you have my word that I will work as hard as I can to maintain a good grade average. I, Jesus, promise you that I will finish high school and after high school I would like to pursue a professional career and at the same time, continue to play baseball because I am good at that sport. I want to be a veterinarian because I love animals. I’m disturbed by what I see as many animals face extinction because Humans don’t value the fauna.”


Rosalinda – Sponsored by Dave & Elaine Greiner

Age 15

Rosalinda graduated last June from Barron middle school with an “A” average. She was awarded a scholarship in October, 2015. She attends CONALEP in Mazatlan.

In her essay she writes:

“My aspirations are to prepare myself to become what I really want to be. But first I know that I have to finish high school. And only after that can I pursue a University degree in Hospitality and Tourism. Having that degree I can then study to be what I’ve always wanted to be since I was a little girl. And that is, an international chef. I dream of traveling to Madrid, Spain and meeting Omar Pereney, one of the World’s great chefs. I want to also meet a great man, get married and have two sons. I realize that right now at my age, these are all just dreams, but I need to dream.”


Melannie – Sponsored by John Watson
Age 16
Melannie lives in Villa Union and her dad works at the EDM Pro Shop. Because Melannie lives in Villa Union and must travel every day to Mazatlan to CONALEP #1, her prep school, she was awarded a $9000 peso scholarship to help cover transportation costs. In her free time, she likes to play volleyball and help her mom with chores around the house. Melannie has a “B+” average coming out of secondary school. She is now in her last year of high school.

In her essay she writes:
“I am a person who loves to study and I have an unlimited desire to be a good citizen and to be a capable and prepared person for whatever future responsibility I may encounter. I want to continue my studies in prep school and ultimately become a professional so that I have a good opportunity to find a job. My parents are a fundamental part of my life and it is from them that I receive the basis of my character to become a good person in society. I admire and respect my parents very much and I love my two little brothers. This scholarship will help me take a little pressure off my parents. Maybe I’ll be able to see them smile a little more and they won’t be so worried about all my expenses to go to school.”


Daniela – Sponsored by Dave & Lindy Marvin

Age 18Daniela

Daniela lived on the main plaza in Barron with her grandparents, Jorge Hilario and Dulce Maria. She has lived with her grandparents since she was one year old. She likes to read, play soccer and hang out with her friends. She is attending CBTIS #51 in Mazatlan and she wants to be a teacher, just like her grandfather. Daniela has always been an excellent student. From primary school thru secondary school she has maintained an “B” average. She is now in her last year of high school.


Jose Maria – Sponsored by Bob & Julie Wallace

Age 17

Jose Maria was our star student finishing his first year of prep school with a 9.7 average at CBTIS #51 in Mazatlan. He lives with his parents, Ana and Jose, near the main plaza in Barron, in a home adjacent to “La Tienda de Chula”, which is his mother’s store. Besides helping his mom in the store, Jose is a good baseball player and he also likes to play soccer, read and listen to music. Jose Maria wants to do well in prep school so he can get into a good university and study civil engineering and/or architecture.

In his essay he writes:
“I know for a fact that if I don’t get a good education, I will not find a good job. And if I don’t have a good job I won’t have a bright future. For me, my parents are a great example. They are very strong people of good character and have many good qualities that I admire very much. I want to be like them. After I graduate and have a good stable job, I want to marry, have two or three kids, a house, a car, two dogs and every day try to better myself personally.”

He is in his last year of high school



Carolina – Sponsored by Rene Carlson!!

Carolina Carolina

Carolina is 15 years old and a resident of Mazatlan. She has an excellent academic record with an average of 9.43 and completed her last year of secondary school where she studied Spanish, English, Math, Science, Technology, History, Civics, Education and Art. Her goal is to become proficient in English. Carolina is Aida Alvarado’s niece.

In her essay she wrote:

“I want my family to be proud and to benefit from the career that I have chosen in life and in the kind of work I will ultimately do. My ultimate goal is to help my family progress towards a secure future and to become an independent woman. I want to be able to live my life without having to depend on anyone else. My goal is to become an accountant and a good businesswoman. I’d like to have my own firm and be able to manage the finances of that firm.”


Amairamy – Needs a Sponsor!!

Amairamy is 16 years old and likes soccer and volleyball. She wants to be a dentist and aspires to one day help her parents and her community “like FOB does”. She has a perfect 10 GPA.

In her essay Amairamy writes:

“The only way for me to succeed and achieve my objectives is to get a good education. I consider myself a kind, sensitive and responsible daughter. I always try to be one of the best students. My family of five is poor. My parents work as farmers but can only work when there is work. My parents only completed primary school. My brother is in 5th grade and another brother is in 3rd year prep school at UAS. This puts a real strain on the finances of the family.”

With the burden of supporting her older brother at UAS, Amairany’s parents need help to send her to school also.


Naydelin – Sponsored by Dick & Kris McGuire!!SAM_1213

Naydelin is 15 years old and is a Barron resident. She loves to play soccer when she is not in class. She aspires to attend University and pursue her interest in psychology. The only thing preventing her attendance is finances. She is a 9.2 average student and finds her classes easy, with the exception of her English class. Her father works as a farmer and fisherman. Her mother is only able to find work a few months a year. Naydelin is in her second year of prep school.


Luis Fernando – Sponsored by Ron & Janice Ohmes!!

Luis Fernando is 15 and likes baseball, riding bicycles, listening to music with his family and helping out his grandmother. He has a GPA of 9.9, one of the highest of the group applying this year. He also has 2 older brothers. He is very close to his grandfather and works with him every day. He considers his grandfather his “true father” because his father left when Luis was 3 years old to live with another woman.

He writes in his essay:

“My examples in life are my grandparents. My mother has worked hard over the past 12 years to keep the family together. My mother and grandparents have instilled in me the importance of education from the beginning. I would like to become a computer science major in college.”

The FOB scholarship would really help Luis to pay for his daily transportation costs into Mazatlan. He is in his second year of prep school.
Fatima – Needs a Sponsor!!

Fatima is 14 years old, a Barron resident and a straight “A” student.

She writes in her essay:

“I am a very responsible person in almost everything I do. I am a good worker and I have been able to perform well in almost everything I have dedicated myself to, including my studies. I want to finish secondary school with good grades to make my parents and grandmother proud of me and so I can be proud of myself. If I get this scholarship, I promise to get good grades and to finish prep school. The problem with attending prep school in Mazatlan is that it’s a difficult proposition from an economic point of view, especially the daily transportation costs to and from Mazatlan. This scholarship will help greatly in relieving my family of some of the economic burden of continuing my studies. ”

She would like to be a teacher or a nurse and to use her education to contribute to her community.
Jesus Idelfonso – Sponsored by Sonny Wong

Jesus is 15 years old and loves soccer. He has an “A” average after graduating from secondary school in Barron. He will attend prep school at CETMAR, the prep school for marine related studies.

In his essay he writes:

“I am a very energetic and enthusiastic teenager. I do well in school and I want to continue my studies but my parents don’t have the resources to help me advance my studies. I want to go to University and become a professional in naval engineering so I can show my parents that I can make something of myself and make them proud. Thank god there are people like you, FOB, to help kids like me achieve my dreams. I think this is the best career for me. I’ll be able to find a decent job and help my parents and people who are less fortunate than me. I understand that in my chosen career, the studies are very difficult. But I don’t think anything is impossible. I think with my enthusiasm I can come out ahead in anything I want to do, achieve anything I want to achieve.”


THE GRADUATES! 2010 – 2011 Scholarship Program – Group One

These first year students have graduated from prep school. Thanks to the support of their adoptive parents, they are off on the right foot in life.

Jesus – Sponsored by Dick & Kris McGuire!Jesus
Age 19
Jesus completed his studies at prep school and was accepted into the Naval Academy in Vera Cruz where he has now completed his first year of study. Jesus’s parents live on the main street of Barron and he returns to visit them when his classes are not demanding. He likes to play soccer and basketball. He has three siblings, Edgar, Jose and Aide, all in their 20s.

In his application essay he wrote:
“I know how hard it is to be a student. It’s not enough to just walk into a classroom, you have to put into practice what you learn there. You have to suffer a little bit in order to be a good student; mostly in your social life. But we have to be responsible in order to move forward and find the good opportunities in life. It’s my responsibility to continue to be a good student and to succeed in Prep School. And that’s why I am asking for this scholarship because most often the family’s funds are insufficient and it’s very difficult to continue studies without some kind of help. I want to continue with my studies and excel in Prep School. It’s my way of saying “Thank you” to my parents and all they have done for me. To show them my thanks through my studies will be much more important than my words.”


Guadalupe – Sponsored by Bob & Julie Wallace Guadalupe
Age 18
Guadalupe is interested in soccer and volleyball and wanted to study Business Administration. He decided to postpone his University education for now.

In his prep school exit essay he wrote:
“Hello and thank you again for reading this petition. But in reality I want to start by saying that I don’t have sufficient words to thank you for all the help you have given me; not only with economic resources, but also with your friendship, your tolerance, your comprehension of my circumstances and I am thanking you this day for helping me progress with my studies in prep school because now I am ready to start my career at the university.

My name is Guadalupe C. A. and I am finishing my third and last year of prep school. I plan to study to become a professional biologist with emphasis in ecology and environment and biological resources and experimental biology. In order to pursue this course of study, I’ll have to leave Mazatlan. I would like to study at the Universidad Automonia de Sinaloa in Culiacan because they are well established in this field. In my first essay three years ago, I said that I wanted to study business administration. But after three years in prep school, I changed my mind 360 degrees, and this new turn has given me new perspectives.

I am sending you this petition because I don’t have the economic resources necessary to pursue this career because my parents are not in a good economic situation. My parents work in the fields and for them it is very hard to educate my brothers and me because there is more than one in school. Nevertheless, my parents give the best that they have because they don’t want the same future for us as they have for themselves. They go to work in the fields every day and each time there’s less and less work because the climate is changing and agriculture is not that productive in this area.

I am asking you for this opportunity because I really want to continue with my studies. I will be forever thankful to you if you give me this opportunity. Thank you for helping me and my friends.”


Irelda – Sponsored by Keith ProsserIrelda
Age 18
Irelda liked soccer and considered Marine Biology as a major in University.

In her prep school exit essay she wrote:
“Dear Mr Prosser,

First of all, I hope all is well with you. With this letter, I want to thank you for all the help you have given me during these three years. Without your help I never would have been able to finish prep school and now I am almost done with this phase of my education. These past three years, I have been enthusiastically pursuing my high school studies with the idea of entering the university to pursue a career in nursing. I wanted to become a nurse so I could help my community because here there’s not even a medical clinic and there is a lot of need.

But today I have the priority that blocks my pursuit of my dreams and I will not be able to continue my studies. So I will finish my studies with prep school and I will try to find a way to survive, looking for some kind of work because my mother is very difficult for her to continue to help me and my grades have been disappointing.

Nonetheless, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the help that you have given me and I want you to know that very soon I will reach my goal to graduate from prep school.

Thank you very much,


Irelda boarded the Barron to Mazatlan buses along with 50 other students every morning at 5:30 bound for “Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa” (UAS). There she studied Math, Science, English, Biology, Logic, and Computer Science. After the first year, she earned a B+ average and her attendance was 98%. Irelda wants to be a Marine Biologist. Her best grades so far in her first year of high school were in Biology, Chemistry and Math. She also had an A+ in English! Throughout prep school, Irelda had an 8.5 average. At the conclusion of her third year of prep school, she decided to not go on to university.


Janeth – Sponsored by Dave & Lindy MarvinJaneth
Age 18
Janeth likes reading and music. She wanted to be a teacher.

In her application essay, Janeth wrote:
“I want to go to prep school because it will not only be good for me and my future, but also for my family and other people around me. I know with my strong will I can accomplish many things, including pursuing a professional career or anything else that interests me in my life project. With all the help and love of my parents, they have educated me to this point and have helped me go forward in life. Without my parents, I would not be what I am today. And I thank them for all their hard work, their love, their friendship, their honesty and their loyalty. and everything else they have given me. They have been with me in my most difficult times, and I love them very much and I want to make them proud of me. I want to become a teacher because I feel strongly that I can make a difference in other people’s lives, especially young children. When I have more education, I want to come back to Barron and help my community.”

Janeth attended “Colegio de Bachilleres del Estado de Sinaloa” (COBAES) prep school in Mazatlan where she studied nine different subject areas. She had problems with her first semester grades, especially Math, Information Technology and Writing. She was able, by the end of the school year, to pull her grades up to a C+ average, still not sufficient to continue on the program for the full 2011 – 2012 school year. At the end of the school year, she had raised her average to B+ and was reinstated in the program. She graduated with an average that was less than 8.0 and is not currently enrolled in university due to health problems.

Aaron – Sponsored by Sonny WongAaron
Age 19
Aaron wanted to pursue a University degree but expected to have to get a job to make it work. He likes sports.

In his prep school exit essay, he wrote:
“First of all, I want to thank you from my heart for the great help that you have given me during these past three years. Thank you for the scholarship, but better said, thanks to all you who are admirable people. I am about to finish my high school and for that I am very happy,

Once I graduate from high school, I would like to go onto the university and I need to ask you to continue to help me pursue my university studies. My parents do not have sufficient financial resources to send me to university and for that reason I hope you will be able to help me with another scholarship. And if you do, my promise to you will be that I will study hard and try to master all the subjects as I did in high school. If for some reason you cannot continue to help me I will be very content to have completed my high school education with the help that you have given me so far.

Finally, I want to reiterate my sincere thanks for the great help you have given me and I want to ask for your help to continue my studies in the future.

Aaron attended “Universidad de Sinaloa” (UAS), one of the largest high schools in Mazatlan. After the first year he had a B average in nine different subject areas. His best subjects were Science, Chemistry and Logic. He had Cs in Math and Biology but a strong B in English. Aaron decided to not apply for university this semester but may in the future.


Jose Luis – Sponsored by John WatsonJose Carlos
Age 18
Jose lives on the main street of Barron near the stadium. He likes to play soccer and spend time with his friends. Jose wants to further his education past secondary school so he can find a good job later on. He is enrolled in University, completing his first year sucessfully. He is applying for a scholarship this year.

In his application essay he wrote:
“I would like the help this scholarship would provide so I can get a decent job that will allow me to help my family. I think of myself as a responsible young man with a good vision as to where I want to go in life. I want to make my parents proud of me. Since I was a little boy, my parents have always encouraged my education. Now I want to be the best student I can be for them and for my future.”

Jose attended “Colegio de Educacion Professcional Tecnica” (CONALEP), a technical high school in Mazatlan. There he studied Information Technology, Communication, Problem Solving and History. He achieved a B+ average and has a good attendance record.


The Graduates – 2011 – 2012 Scholarship Program – Group 2

Jose Ernesto – Sponsored by Garry & Taressa Szmyrka!Jose Ernesto
Age 18
Jose lives in Barron. He likes to play baseball. Jose completed his studies at prep school and decided not to go to University.

In his essay, Jose wrote;
“I want to attend CBTIS 51 prep school because it is a good technical school which will prepare me for the university where I want I want to pursue a technical career in electrical engineering. I also want to teach English. I’d like to work either as an electrical engineer or an English teacher or maybe both. I think these professions will help me earn a good salary so I can help my family economically. I especially want to help my nieces get a good education.”


Greisy – Sponsored by Cliff & Barb Du Fresne!
Age 17

Greisy completed her the second year of prep school with a “B” average and remains in school. She was married during the summer but is determined to finish school. She finished high school as a new mother and elected to not continue on to University.

Greisy likes to play soccer and baseball, listen to music and watch TV. She attends UAS (UniversidadAutonoma de Sinaloa). She wants to be a teacher because she really likes working with kids. She finished her first year with an 8.2 average. Since entering the scholarship program she has married and is expecting their first child. Because her last semester grades fell below program guidelines, she has been placed on probation. If in the next semester she does not bring her grades up to an 8.0 average or better, she will be dropped from the program. Despite her current status, she remains determined to finish prep school.

In her application essay she wrote:
“I want to be the best teacher I can be because I want to help kids. I want to help all kids understand what it is they have and to help them feel secure in themselves. My parents have been supporting me in my desire to become a teacher because they know I like to work with kids and play sports. I would like to teach kids to play sports. This has been one of my desires in life and this scholarship will help me get there.”

Greisy graduated with a A+ average from secondary school. She did not elect to continue on to University.

Treisy – Sponsored by Cliff & Barb Du Fresne!
Age 17

Treisy has completed her second year of prep school with a “B” average and remains in school. She was married last year and now has a child.

Treisy likes to play soccer. She attends into the Ruben Jaramillo prep school and received an 8.9 grade point average during her first year. She wants to continue her studies because she wants to achieve something important in life and she wants to be a good example for her community. After Prep School, she wants to go on and be a great professional teacher.

In her application essay she wrote:
“My family consists of two brothers and my parents and my twin sister, Griesy My “older” sister is also studying. It’s always been my mother’s dream and willpower to see her children advance thru their studies and to have her children complete their studies. But we are a family with few resources and so this scholarship is very important because I have other siblings in school and it is hard for my parents to send us all at once.”

Treisy finished secondary school with an A+ average. She did not elect to continue on to University.

Anaid Ciltalil – Sponsored by Anonymous!Anaid
Age 19
Anaid graduated from prep school. Her father has left EDM employ and no further updates are available.

I her essay, Anaid wrote:
“I want to go to medical school in Culiacan and become a dermatologist. I study theatre at Angela Peralta and I hope to receive an acting certificate in two years. My family includes two other siblings so I worry that my family will not have the funds to help me finish prep school and go on to medical school.”


Cecelia – Sponsored by DJR, Inc.!Cecelia

Age 18

Cecelia graduated from prep school and elected not to attend University.

In her prep school essay, Cecelia wrote:
“My aspirations for the future are to continue studying, get good grades, work hard in class, and give my studies all the time that they deserve. When I finish prep school, I would like to continue studying a subject of my choice and become a professional. I am not certain what yet, but I think a psychologist or a doctor. Those are the two professions that interest me the most. I would like to earn money so I can help my parents with the household expenses.”


Aldo Michael – Sponsored By Dale & Lynda LysterAldo
Age 18.

Aldo has graduated from prep school and is enrolled in University. He did not apply for a scholarship.

In his essay, Aldo wrote:
“Since I was very young, I always had a lot of dreams for the future. I want to study and become a professional because my parents did not have the opportunity to do that. I would like to become a lawyer but unfortunately, my parents don’t have the economic resources to send me to law school. Society needs well-educated people who are willing to give something back to humanity and you can include me in that group. If I become a good professional, I will pursue that mission.”

Aldo graduated from prep school in June. He did not go on to University.



  1. Kris– could you please give us more information on Jessica, the nursing student? She was given a scholarship, so would that mean she only needs a sponsor for one more year? How much would her sponsorship be (usd)? Thanks. This looks like a terrific program!
    Jane (I’m the one who asked about this after yoga this am)

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