FOB Raises $61,450 USD in Four Months

The most successful fundraising season in FOB history is still underway.

Thanks to our many donor/sponsors in both the United States and Canada, $22,700 USD have been contributed to support university scholarships for 31 Barrón students. Most student sponsors are EDM residents.

Many donors who served as volunteer doctors, dentists, hygienists, and nurses in past FOB clinics have generously donated to the start-up and temporary operation of the new, permanent Barrón Medical/Dental Clinic. A total of $31,750 USD was raised so far from these donors, their friends and family, EDM residents, and those that responded to our internet-based fund-raising campaign.

American, Canadian and Mexican donors have contributed $7,000 USD to Barrón school improvement projects. When schools re-open, FOB will participate in a 50/50 matching program with Barrón parents to rebuild bathrooms in the secondary school, continue the FOB sponsored computerization program, and improve classroom infrastructure in the high school.

All FOB projects are in full-swing. Thirty-one university students are in on-line classes and the medical/dental clinic is open five days/week. An average of 65 patients is treated each week by our staff doctor, dentist, nurse, physical therapist, nutritionist and psychologist. With current funding levels, the medical/dental clinic can operate to the end of this year when FOB’s commitment ends. Meanwhile, the Barrón leaders are soliciting Mazatlan and Sinaloa government participation to take over and operate the clinic sometime this year.

Many thanks for all your generous contributions!!

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