FOB Raises $61,450 USD in Four Months

The most successful fundraising season in FOB history is still underway.

Thanks to our many donor/sponsors in both the United States and Canada, $22,700 USD have been contributed to support university scholarships for 31 Barrón students. Most student sponsors are EDM residents.

Many donors who served as volunteer doctors, dentists, hygienists, and nurses in past FOB clinics have generously donated to the start-up and temporary operation of the new, permanent Barrón Medical/Dental Clinic. A total of $31,750 USD was raised so far from these donors, their friends and family, EDM residents, and those that responded to our internet-based fund-raising campaign.

American, Canadian and Mexican donors have contributed $7,000 USD to Barrón school improvement projects. When schools re-open, FOB will participate in a 50/50 matching program with Barrón parents to rebuild bathrooms in the secondary school, continue the FOB sponsored computerization program, and improve classroom infrastructure in the high school.

All FOB projects are in full-swing. Thirty-one university students are in on-line classes and the medical/dental clinic is open five days/week. An average of 65 patients is treated each week by our staff doctor, dentist, nurse, physical therapist, nutritionist and psychologist. With current funding levels, the medical/dental clinic can operate to the end of this year when FOB’s commitment ends. Meanwhile, the Barrón leaders are soliciting Mazatlan and Sinaloa government participation to take over and operate the clinic sometime this year.

Many thanks for all your generous contributions!!

Match Update

Hello Friends!
Exciting follow up news on my previous email about the clinic in Barron, Mexico: an Anonymous donor pledged to match any donation we receive to help us reach our goal of $15,000. This is the money needed to fund the clinic for the next year.
The match will go toward the first $6500 raised and so far, we have raised about $1800 that will be matched! Will you help us with the last $4700 to achieve our goal?
Visit the website https://fobnews.orgfor details and more pictures.
DONATE BY CHECK: Please make your check payable to FOB CANAM INC and mail it to:

FOB CANAM INC c/o Richard J McGuire, 18 Oxford Ranch Road, Laramie, WY 82070

VIA PAYPAL: Send your donation to

FOB CANAM is a 501(c)(3) charity and donations are tax deductible (EIN 81-4719413). Any donation over $250 will receive a receipt for tax purposes.
I thank you for your time and considerationBonnie
Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.

Fund Raising Effort Renewed

Dear Friends,

I hope this post finds you and your family well and healthy in this crazy year of 2020. In the past, many have shown their generosity of time and/or finances to Friends of Barrón, a community building effort in Barrón, Mexico.

To recap our effort since we last spoke, the last fundraising campaign was focused on building, staffing and supplying a permanent medical and dental clinic in Barrón. That was in 2018

The Barrón Clinic

The medical and dental clinic is staffed by a Mexican Dentist, Doctor and Nurse who are in the community providing ongoing and accessible care. FOB CANAM is financially supporting the clinic for the next 11 months as part of a pilot program agreement with the town. We pay for the professional salaries, the rent and the supplies to keep the doors open. In its world quest to leave no stone unturned, COVID hit Barron as well. As such, the clinic had to shut down for 4 months due to lack of PPE. Re-opening happened in July after purchasing PPE and now care can continue where it normally would be completely absent. You can imagine this 4 month wrench-in-the-works strained the charitable budget: rent needed to be paid, professionals kept on retainer. I am asking you again to consider donating to keep this long awaited accomplishment open and functioning. We need $2000 a month to operate. We have had some generous donations already and my husband and I will donate $5000. Will you help us bridge the gap to fund the coming year? Our goal is to raise an additional $15,000.

We have a donor who is matching all donations to the Medical/Dental Clinic received after October 20, 2020 up to $6500. So far we have received $2000 that qualify for the match. Please help us fulfill this pledge and send in you donation soon.

After the pilot year, we hope to have the clinic be financially independent and/or supported by the local or state governments. In this way, it can become a truly permanent and integrated part of Barrón; run by Barrón, for Barrón. Visit the website for details and more pictures.
DONATE BY CHECK: Please make your check payable to FOB CANAM INC and mail it to: FOB CANAM INC, 18 Oxford Ranch Road, Laramie, WY 82070. VIA PAYPAL: Send your donation to FOB CANAM is a registered charity under United States tax code [501(c)3] and donations may be tax deductible (EIN 81-4719413).

I thank you for your time and consideration.


Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.

Thank You!

The US Post Office just delivered a pleasant surprise… a check for $5000.00 USD. This set off a scramble to verify that this was not some sort of mistake… donations to Friends of Barrón average about $200. But yes, someone who is an active participant in the charitable work that FOB does every year for the nearby town of Barrón, Sinaloa, Mexico, decided that it was time to give even more than time. And even more pleasant is the fact that the generous donation has been matched by an anonymous donor. FOB now has $10,000 to spend on our ongoing projects; new bathrooms, computers for use in virtual learning “classrooms,” and the new medical/dental clinic which has reopened to serve the people of Barrón during this time of crisis. COVID-19 has struck at the heart of the Estrella del Mar community and it is even more important now than ever to support those who support the residents of the resort in living comfortably and safely.

The clinic had to close only six weeks after its much anticipated opening in February 2020 because of the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and the lack of PPE, personal protective equipment to safeguard our three medical workers. But in August, these professionals decided that the virus has settled into endemic status within the community. That means that one has to assume that anyone walking through the door is potentially infected. Just like the Emergency Departments in hard hit US cities, if professionals are properly equipped, they can administer to the needs of the people of Barrón safely.

And so they are. For the last three weeks, fully armored staff have been seeing patients, both for medical and dental needs and the community is grateful. But this comes at a cost. Almost $1800 USD per month is needed to staff and equip the clinic, with extra monies needed to buy the elusive PPE. And now, with positive cases spiking among the employees at Estrella del Mar, it is more important than ever.

FOB  is starting a campaign next month to raise money for the medical/dental clinic focussing on our past donors and on the doctors, nurses, dentists, and hygienists who have volunteered over the years and have a personal interest in the new Clinic’s success.  

There are two ways to donate: send a check to FOB CANAM INC, 18 Oxford Ranch Rd, Laramie, WYOMING 82070, or send money using PayPal to

Overview of FOB Activities in Barron

FOB CANAM, Inc.’s mission is to help improve educational, health, and economic conditions for the residents of Barron, Sinaloa, Mexico, a town of 2,000 people located twenty minutes south of Mazatlan. Friends of Barron (FOB, also known as FOB CANAM AC) has been working in Barron for ten years and the needs of the schools and the community continue to grow.  We are always in need of financial support for the many projects we have listed below.  Please note:  100% of the money that is raised goes directly to our projects.  There are no administration fees – the foundation is totally run by volunteers.

  • FOB CANAM, Inc. provides scholarships to students that are looking to continue their high school or university education.   We are always looking for sponsors for these individual applicants.
  • FOB CANAM, Inc. donates computers and schools supplies to each of the five schools in Barron. We are working to bring Internet connectivity to the High School.
  • FOB CANAM, Inc. also provides free dental clinics for kindergarten and primary school students and provides a one week medical doctor health clinic for community members in need.
  • FOB CANAM, Inc. provides micro-loans to local women who are looking to start their own business and become self-sufficient members of society.
  • FOB CANAM, Inc. also provides 50% of the financial resources that the schools identify for their infrastructure projects.  The other 50% is provided by the schools.  For example, we are now building two classrooms for the new high school. These two projects will cost $160,000 pesos.

As you can see, we are very busy. Each of these projects requires money. If you are interested in supporting the students and families of Barron, please go to and make a donation.

New Clinic Plans Advance

The goal to see a permanent medical/dental clinic built in the tiny town of Barron had taken a giant step forward. Tonight, representatives of Friends of Barron will sit in on a community meeting debating the scope of the project. Municipal authorities have shown interest and are involved. Fund raising efforts continue, and with just a little more help, our goal can be realized.

2017-18 Fundraising Effort Kicks Off

Friends of Barron is proud to inform you that we have ascended to a second level of fund-raising. Gone are the taco parties and door-to-door-canvassing with our hands out. No we have embraced technology and have registered as a tax exempt charity (501(C)(3). Your donations are now fully tax deducible against US source income.  This new status also affords FOB the necessary credibility to solicit donations on the internet.  Donate now by going to this link.

Permanent Medical/Dental Clinic for Barron

The 2017-18 Fund Raising Priority – After four years of pilot medical and dental clinics in Barron, the community has now solicited our help to build a permanent Medical/Dental clinic.  Barron has donated the land and raised funds and they are asking for a match and any other support we can provide.  With these commitments in hand, the Barron leaders plan to solicit the Mazatlan government to help build, equip and staff the clinic.  The goal is to raise $50,000 USD and break ground in the first quarter of 2018. Be sure to read Dr Bonnie’s recent post below for a more complete description.

Please see the right side panel to find instructions to make your donation. 

Barron High School Expands

Due in part to FOB’s efforts to expand high school attendance in the town of Barron, the Mexican government has extended a program providing start-up aid to rural communities like Barron. Education past the eighth grade is not mandated by the government, so rural communities often lack the facilities to educate the graduating 13 year-olds, assuming they will turn immediately to field work, motherhood or other manual labor. In Barron, this is not so; not anymore.

Last year, the State authorities in Culiacan provided a principle, a few teachers and a space in which to educate them at the ninth grade level. With matching funds provided by the parents of Barron and FOB, the Sinaloa Department of Education then built a single room structure and called it a school. And now, due to efforts on the part of the school principal, Ana Cecelia, fundraising has begun to transform the dilapidated residence next door into a school annex. Thanks in part to the cash donation from the nearby Estrella del Mar resort, a result of their annual charity golf tournament, work began to convert a three room abandoned home into a place of learning.

Much progress has been made. Two more classrooms have been added in addition to an office for Ana Cecelia and a fully equipped computer laboratory. The classrooms still need to be finished, the roof must be tiled before the summer rains begin, an air conditioning system is almost a necessity during the fall semester and the security system must be updated. In all, about $15,000 USD needs to be raised to complete these tasks and provide the students of Barron a safe and reliable educational experience.

Because the 2017 eighth grade graduating class now has the option of attending a quality school without traveling into Mazatlan daily, the FOB high school scholarship program has been eliminated. Our current crop of scholarship students will continue to attend their current schools, although seven high schoolers and two university students will graduate this year, having maintained at least “B” average throughout their academic careers. Most maintain averages closer to “A+”. This leaves 24 high school and ten university students in the program for next year. Applications for additional university scholarships, five in all, will go out at the end of May. The completion of the Barron high school will allow Friends of Barron to concentrate on sending deserving young adults on to a university or vocational curriculum that will benefit themselves, their families and their community.

Obviously, funding for these programs is of prime necessity. Please visit our CrowdRise page and donate money to achieve this goal.