Overview of FOB Activities in Barron

FOB CANAM, Inc.’s mission is to help improve educational, health, and economic conditions for the residents of Barron, Sinaloa, Mexico, a town of 2,000 people located twenty minutes south of Mazatlan. Friends of Barron (FOB, also known as FOB CANAM AC) has been working in Barron for ten years and the needs of the schools and the community continue to grow.  We are always in need of financial support for the many projects we have listed below.  Please note:  100% of the money that is raised goes directly to our projects.  There are no administration fees – the foundation is totally run by volunteers.

  • FOB CANAM, Inc. provides scholarships to students that are looking to continue their high school or university education.   We are always looking for sponsors for these individual applicants.
  • FOB CANAM, Inc. donates computers and schools supplies to each of the five schools in Barron. We are working to bring Internet connectivity to the High School.
  • FOB CANAM, Inc. also provides free dental clinics for kindergarten and primary school students and provides a one week medical doctor health clinic for community members in need.
  • FOB CANAM, Inc. provides micro-loans to local women who are looking to start their own business and become self-sufficient members of society.
  • FOB CANAM, Inc. also provides 50% of the financial resources that the schools identify for their infrastructure projects.  The other 50% is provided by the schools.  For example, we are now building two classrooms for the new high school. These two projects will cost $160,000 pesos.

As you can see, we are very busy. Each of these projects requires money. If you are interested in supporting the students and families of Barron, please go to CrowdRise.com/friends_of_barron and make a donation.

New Clinic Plans Advance

The goal to see a permanent medical/dental clinic built in the tiny town of Barron had taken a giant step forward. Tonight, representatives of Friends of Barron will sit in on a community meeting debating the scope of the project. Municipal authorities have shown interest and are involved. Fund raising efforts continue, and with just a little more help, our goal can be realized.

2017-18 Fundraising Effort Kicks Off

Friends of Barron is proud to inform you that we have ascended to a second level of fund-raising. Gone are the taco parties and door-to-door-canvassing with our hands out. No we have embraced technology and have registered as a tax exempt charity (501(C)(3). Your donations are now fully tax deducible against US source income.  This new status also affords FOB the necessary credibility to solicit donations on the internet.  Donate now by going to this link.

Permanent Medical/Dental Clinic for Barron

The 2017-18 Fund Raising Priority – After four years of pilot medical and dental clinics in Barron, the community has now solicited our help to build a permanent Medical/Dental clinic.  Barron has donated the land and raised funds and they are asking for a match and any other support we can provide.  With these commitments in hand, the Barron leaders plan to solicit the Mazatlan government to help build, equip and staff the clinic.  The goal is to raise $50,000 USD and break ground in the first quarter of 2018. Be sure to read Dr Bonnie’s recent post below for a more complete description.

Please see the right side panel to find instructions to make your donation. 

Breaking News! Amazon Smile Now Enabled

Now that Friends of Barron is a 501(c)(3), we are eligible for many perks, one of which is the Amazon Smile Charitable Contribution Program. All 501s are eligible to receive a .5% premium for everything purchased on Amazon by folks who choose FOB as their charitable organization. For example, the next time you order those new gadgets, you can put the FOB CANAM INC link before you start shopping and .5% of your total purchase price will be paid by Amazon to FOB!  Isn’t that great??

We have just received word that we have seven University students seeking scholarships plus we are moving ahead on finishing the High School and building a medical clinic.  FOB needs your support now more than ever.

So the next time you buy something on Amazon, click this link to add FOB CANAM INC as the recipient of the Amazon Smiles.  In order for FOB to receive the funds, every time you shop on Amazon, you must begin with this link. You are doing a great thing and we thank you for it!!



Barron High School Expands

Due in part to FOB’s efforts to expand high school attendance in the town of Barron, the Mexican government has extended a program providing start-up aid to rural communities like Barron. Education past the eighth grade is not mandated by the government, so rural communities often lack the facilities to educate the graduating 13 year-olds, assuming they will turn immediately to field work, motherhood or other manual labor. In Barron, this is not so; not anymore.

Last year, the State authorities in Culiacan provided a principle, a few teachers and a space in which to educate them at the ninth grade level. With matching funds provided by the parents of Barron and FOB, the Sinaloa Department of Education then built a single room structure and called it a school. And now, due to efforts on the part of the school principal, Ana Cecelia, fundraising has begun to transform the dilapidated residence next door into a school annex. Thanks in part to the cash donation from the nearby Estrella del Mar resort, a result of their annual charity golf tournament, work began to convert a three room abandoned home into a place of learning.

Much progress has been made. Two more classrooms have been added in addition to an office for Ana Cecelia and a fully equipped computer laboratory. The classrooms still need to be finished, the roof must be tiled before the summer rains begin, an air conditioning system is almost a necessity during the fall semester and the security system must be updated. In all, about $15,000 USD needs to be raised to complete these tasks and provide the students of Barron a safe and reliable educational experience.

Because the 2017 eighth grade graduating class now has the option of attending a quality school without traveling into Mazatlan daily, the FOB high school scholarship program has been eliminated. Our current crop of scholarship students will continue to attend their current schools, although seven high schoolers and two university students will graduate this year, having maintained at least “B” average throughout their academic careers. Most maintain averages closer to “A+”. This leaves 24 high school and ten university students in the program for next year. Applications for additional university scholarships, five in all, will go out at the end of May. The completion of the Barron high school will allow Friends of Barron to concentrate on sending deserving young adults on to a university or vocational curriculum that will benefit themselves, their families and their community.

Obviously, funding for these programs is of prime necessity. Please visit our CrowdRise page and donate money to achieve this goal.

Charity Golf Tournament

Friends of Barron, along with two other charitable foundations, was listed as one of the participating charities for the 2016 Charity Golf Tournament at the Estrella del Mar (EDM)  Resort near Mazatlan, Mexico. We had been the beneficiaries of previous tournaments and received donations ranging from $20,000 to $80,000 pesos. Last year, however, circumstances spun out of control when Mexican President Pena-Nieto decided to visit our resort. His security detail required that the course be cleared so the venue shifted to the downtown course of El Cid. The tournament was well-attended, fielding over 140 players, but even at $5,000 pesos each, the golf professionals at EDM were unable to cover expenses and the charities went begging, more or less.

EDM Management has promised us that this year will be different. In a meeting with Golf Director Jorge Enrique Corral, we have been assured that FOB is to receive top consideration for funds arising from this years’ tournament.

This is a welcome announcement since FOB has recently committed $200,000 pesos toward the construction of the new high school in Barron, matching funds with the community itself and the Mexican government. We hope that you participate in the tournament  this year to help us meet one of our longstanding goals of improving the educational level of the children of Barron. FOB is optimistic that the 2017 Charity Golf Tournament will again be a significant contributor to our ongoing projects in Barron.

Dick McGuire

CrowdRise Effort Funds Medical Clinic

FOB CANAM Inc. has begun an internet campaign to raise money for the upcoming 2017 Free Barron Medical Clinic, scheduled for the last week of February. To donate to this campaign, please go to CrowdRise.com and search for FOB  CANAM Inc.


Dr Bonnie McGuire and her three Connecticut nurse volunteers, Lisa Brennan, Dawn Martin and Madeline Tirado with two of the medical clinic patients last year.

One hundred percent of all donations will go towards supplies and equipment used at this annual event if you also choose to cover the 7% fee that the website takes. So far, we have been able to secure a defibrillator, a weight scale, glucometer supplies, wound dressings, orthopedic braces, and a variety of other things.  We still need to purchase medications and other expensive supplies so please take the time to access the CrowdRise site and donate. You will receive a letter acknowledging your donation that is suitable for the Tax man as all donations will be deductible in the United States.

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity.

Charitable Status Expands

Friends of Barron is very happy to announce that we have begun the process for tax-exempt status as a 501(c)3 under the United States tax code as of mid-December, 2016.

FOB CANAM has applied to the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for non-profit, tax exempt status under regulations pertaining to 501(c)(3). This is a four step process:

  • 1. Incorporate in the US; done. We are now FOB CANAM Inc.
  • 2. Get a federal ID #; done.
  • 3. Open a US bank account; done.
  • 4. Apply to the IRS for final ruling on tax exempt status; will be done 26Dec16.


While we await IRS approval, FOB CANAM Inc is permitted to operate as a tax exempt organization. To quote the IRS regulation:

“Although donors have no assurance that contributions are tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes until the application is approved contributions made while an application is pending would qualify if the application is approved”.

Tax receipts can only be given to donors after the 501(c)(3) tax exempt status is approved. When approved, donations received during this “pending period” will be tax deductible to the donor retroactive to the date of application (December 26, 2016).
FOB CANAM AC remains a registered tax exempt charity in Mexico. Your donations are legally tax deductible in the US, but only against Mexican source income.
Canadians should check with their accountants regarding the deductibility of donations to either US or Mexican tax exempt charities.



Club Head Covers On Sale Now

Finally!   A colorful fundraiser!  A dozen hand-made golf club covers are now on sale at the Estrella del Mar Pro Shop. Prices range from $150 pesos to $500 pesos depending upon the complexity of the cover design. A group of women from Barron will be manufacturing them and half of the proceeds will go to the Barron schools to finish the computer lab and high school.