My Big Dream Contest Needs Your Vote

Unfortunately, I’m not doing well with that “Dream Contest” I entered in Canada to win $5000 for FOB to finish the secondary school computer lab. I’m hundred’s of votes behind the leader but only thirty behind third place. To get to the final, you have to be in the top 3. There is absolutely no commitment involved here. All you need to do is follow the link below and vote for me ( you’ll see my photo with scholarship graduate Aldo).  After you vote, please forward this to everyone you know. 

 Here’s the link to the contest:


State of the Charity Letter

Friends of Barron has had the most successful year since we began nine years ago.

Our highlights include:

The Third Annual Medical Clinic successfully treated over 250 residents of Barron.  The new feature this year was free eye glasses donated by the Lion’s Club of New York. There is a major need for reading glasses.  Special thanks to Kris and Dick McGuire and their daughter, Dr. Bonnie Wreschner, who coordinated a team of US doctors and nurses for the 4 day clinic.  Thank you to all those EDM residents who donated their time and condos to the medical team and made their stay at EDM most enjoyable.

The Dental Program is going very smoothly under the direction of Claire Silk. The team of volunteers has enlarged the program to include fluoride treatments of elementary and kindergarten students and is really beginning to make a difference with the dental health of Barron’s children. A team of dentists will offer a dental clinic to residents of Barron in May.  One of our EDM residents, Dr. Todd Kaminsky, is aggressively seeking needed dental equipment to assist the dentists in their work.  Thank you to all the EDM residents who work at these clinics or donated your condos.  Without your support, the dental program would not be the success it is.

The Education component of Friends of Barron continues to be very active. Thanks to the generosity of Scholarship Sponsors, all of our eligible students have received funding and we are fully subscribed.  The emphasis on further education is now showing a trend of more students from Barron going to high school.   We also have 17 graduates pursuing post-secondary opportunities and 10 university scholarships which generous patrons are funding.

Our work at the schools has focused on bringing the Internet to both the elementary and junior high.  A special thanks to Carlos and his IT department at EDM that volunteered their time to set up the classrooms for Internet.  We’d also like to thank Joe Oviatt and family and Dave and Elaine Greiner for their generous donation of computers.

We are partnering with the junior high school to complete their computer classroom presently under construction.  We are also supporting the high school teachers in their application to build a classroom.

Our disappointment includes:

Our major fundraiser has always been the Annual Charity Golf Tournament held at EDM.  Our funding has steadily declined until this year, we received – nothing.  The reasons given were the one-day change of venue to El Cid and the many requests for refunds.  We are disappointed that a golf tournament, using our name to market it, has chosen not to give us any money.

Thank you to all the people who have donated money to Friends of Barron.  Without your support, all these programs would be very limited as you, are now, our only source of funding.

Thank you,

Dale and Lynda Lyster




Kindergarten Gets Flouride Treatment 

In an ongoing effort to stem rampant dental caries in the Barron, Mexico school population, Friends of Barron recently went into the kindergarten class and treated 40 children with Flouride.  

Che Che The Wonderdog helps break the ice

At first the kids regarded the dental team (EDM residents Claire Silk, Jan & Bill Schoen, Heather Anders, Jayne Rupe and Kris Mcguire) warily, but when Kris pulled out the big yellow stuffed dog, Che Che, things changed fast. Che Che’s choppers and oversized toothbrush proved irresistible to the kids who flocked to him to practice brushing. 

Many of the children exhibit classic signs of baby bottle mouth, a condition resulting from milk, juice or, more alarmingly, Coca Cola offered to children at bedtime in a baby bottle. The liquid pools in the sleeping child’s mouth and rots the teeth. 

FOB is committed to not only treating teeth but educating the mothers to stop this practice. 



Friends of Barron is proud to announce that they have located sponsors for all but two of their student scholars. Twenty-seven Barron students now have scholarships; 17 high school students and 10 university students. FOB would like to thank the following donors and new sponsors for their recent contributions:

  • Rita Pacheco – Medical & Dental Clinics; Scholarships
  • Dave & Elaine Greiner – Sponsor for Rosalinda, Sophomore in High School
  • Rob & Jayne Rupe –  Sponsor for Jorge, Merchant Marine Academy
  • Bonnie & Harrison Wreschner –  Sponsor for Teresita, University of Sinaloa
  • Glenn Long & Bette Millar Long – Sponsor for Jesus Abraham, Sophomore in High School
  • Ron & Janice Ohmes – Sponsor for Ricardo, Junior in High School
  • Sandy Vernon – Sponsor for Amairany, Junior in High School
  • Sonny Wong – Sponsor for Jesus Idelfonso, Junior in High School
  • Bill & Jane Jackson – Sponsor for Rodolfo, Sophomore in High School
  • Ken & Jan Clarence – Sponsor for Alondra, Senior in High School
  • Richard & Kristine McGuire – Sponsor for Iris, University of Sinaloa
  • Thomas Turner – Medical & Dental Clinics
  • Jan & John Serra  – Fatima, Junior in High School
  • Dale & Lynda Lyster – Litzy, Sophomore in High School and Kenia, University of Sinaloa
  • Gene Lombardo – School Projects
  • Pam & Jeff Hawkenson – School Projects

Sandy Vernon & Amairany


Jan & John serra sponsored Fatima



Glenn Long and Bette Millar Long with Jesus Abraham


In other news, FOB and their contactor recently completed installation of a new Internet tower at the Barron middle school. Their new computer lab is now open due to the generosity of Joe & Berenice Oviatt (13 computers), Dave & Elaine Greiner (6 computers) and the EDM IT Department.


New Computer Lab

In June, 2016 applications for scholarships will once again go out to the 2016 Ninth Grade graduating class at the Barron Middle School. The scholarship program is in its sixth year of operation and many of the students who were on scholarship throughout high school have now entered University. Several sponsors have continued to support their students in University. As more and more scholarship students successfully complete high school, FOBs emphasis on University scholarships will gradually grow.

FOB also looks forward to benefitting from the recent EDM sponsored Charity Golf Tournament. On January 30 & 31, one hundred sixty-six players took to the links to raise money for four charitable entities, of which FOB was one. Once received, the money will be used to complete the new computer classroom/laboratory for the Barron Middle School.

IMG_0952 2

Bedspread Creation Up for Auction

Of course, financial needs are ongoing. To help raise money for FOB programs, an anonymous craftsperson has donated a beautiful Queen-sized bedspread. It will be auctioned off in the near future.









In another fund raising effort, FOB is offering handcrafted club head covers for sale.  When you order custom club head covers, FOB CANAM AC will donate half the money to the school Project Fund. The balance goes to “La Comadria”, the women who construct the covers. Order form information will be forthcoming in another post.

IMG_0942 2

Crochet Floral – Style #1

IMG_0947 4

Crewel Team Logo

IMG_0951 3

Crochet Floral – Style #2


Crewel Floral – Style 3

Sponsors Found, More Needed

Thanks go out to sponsors who heeded the call and took on needy students.  We still have four students needing sponsors; one student from last weeks post that remains unsponsored and three of the students who are seniors in high school who have never had a sponsor. Their scholarships have been covered by the FOB General Fund.

Fatima – Age 16

Fatima graduated in June 2014 and was awarded a scholarship in August. She is now in her second year of high school and is a straight “A+” student. Fatima likes to play football, basketball and volleyball. She is enrolled in high school in Villa Union.

In her essay she writes;

“I want my parents to be proud of me so I can be proud of myself. This scholarship will allow me to finish high school. And with my ability to get good grades, I think I will have a good chance to get into a good University because ultimately I want to become a teacher or a nurse.”


Ricardo Noel – In his last year of High School and Needs a Sponsor

Age 18

Ricardo attends COBAIS #51 in Mazatlan. He is being raised by his grandmother and his sister in Barron and his favorite pastime is to play soccer with his buddies. He wants to get good grades in prep school so he can get into university and study architecture.

In his essay he writes:
“One of my most important decisions is to decide and choose a professional career. I evaluated several options and decided that I really want to study architecture. One of my great motives in deciding to pursue a professional career is my family, consisting of my grandmother and my sister. I want to succeed in my education so I can be somebody in life and so that I can be an important person in my community and so that I can make my family proud of me. I want you to know that this scholarship is very important to me because my economic conditions would not allow be to continue my studies. My sister, who has her own life, is the only one in my family that can help me.”


Daimy Yatziri – In her last year of High School and Needs a Sponsor

Age 18
Daimy is a high “B” average student and likes to hang out with her friends and family and play soccer. She wants to do well in prep school so she can continue her studies afterwards to become a professional criminologist.

In her essay she wrote:
“I know education is one of the most important things in life. It is the primary tool to get ahead in general. But in particular, I like school. My aspirations in life are to continue my studies to become a professional and secure a stable job. My family tries to do everything possible to help me pursue my future studies but they just don’t have the economic resources. But even though they can’t afford it, they insist that I continue my studies. Also, I want to demonstrate to my friends and other people, like the help that this scholarship is offering, with a little bit of financial help, I can make the best of my opportunities and come out ahead.”


Julissa – In her Last Year of High School and Needs a Sponsor.

Age 18

Julissa attends the University Autonomia de Sinaloa  (UAS) where she has maintained an “A” average. Julissa’s goal is to maintain good grades in High School so she can get into a University. She wants to major in Psychology. He father is a farmer and her mother is a housekeeper. She has a sickly young brother.

In her essay she writes:

I am a very responsible person. I am usually very happy and I dedicate myself to my studies. Because of these personal qualities I have always been a good student and have always gotten good grades. I have my heart set on University but I don’t see where the money is coming from because the economic situation in my house is very hard.  My father only earns 1100 pesos a month as a day worker in the fields and my mother can’t work and help with the expenses because she has diabetes and frequent headaches. 

If you are interested in sponsoring any of these kids, see Dick (1105, 178-0105) or Dale (1117 178-0117).

Second Annual Sponsor Picnic

For the second year in a row, Friends of Barron sponsored a picnic get-together for our scholarship student and their sponsors. The lasides of Barron got together and prepeared a hot meal of chicken poblano tacos, beef machada tacos and fried fish. It was delicious! FOB encourages our students to establish independent relationships with their sponsors to promote the multi-cultural experience.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves despite language barriers. Jane and Bill Jackson mad a gift of a new strthoscope to their student, Jessica. Jessica is in the last year of her nursing school curriculum and will soon enter a year of internship before becoming a full-fledged nurse. Jane, being a nurse herself is thrilled to be able to assist her in achieving her goals.

Bill & Jane with Jessica

Bill & Jane with Jessica

Janice and Ron Ohms were able to meet their new student Luis. Luis is 15 and aspires to be a computer science major at university.SAM_1231


Medical Clinic Successful !

Las Lagunitas eBulletin Board

Danielle Neuberth(PA), Bonnie McGuire (MD), Rachel Jenner(RN), Eric Victorin (EMT) (aka Clarke Kent), Rod Kaasa (MD), Stephanie Morency (RN), Ben Kaasa(MD), Veronica Stanton(RN), Alwyn and Teri Kaasa Danielle (PA), Bonnie (MD), Rachel (RN), Clark (EMT), Rod (MD), Stephanie (RN), Ben (MD), Veronica (RN), Alwyn and Teri on their way to work
Here they are!! Heroes all, at least to the good folks of Barron. This medical team was ably assisted by a team of translators including Dave & Lindy Marvin, Aida Alvarado, Marie Pedrero, Miriam Ayala and her brother Manuel and sister, Karla. Along with Dick and I and, of course, Barron’s Godfather, Dale Lyster, we processed 287 people through the converted Comisariado Ejidal in Barron.

Before.... Before…. The before and after pictures tell the story. Each of three examination rooms were necessarily equipped (but not much more). Patients needing a more thorough exam were able to use a real examination table shared among the three practioners. We had three medical history stations and a reception desk outside. Kris, Dick and Teri manned the reception desk. From there…

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FOB CANAM Dental Clinic Rocks!

Dental supplies. (dental chair and compressor not pictured)

Dental supplies

The culmination of a monumental organization effort came to fruition the first week of September, 2013 as loads of dental supplies and dentists descended upon EDM in anticipation of examining and treating the primary school population in Barron. The primary school was as we left it in May… out of power. The electric feed had burned through last fall and had not yet been fixed. The school principal had even sent a little girl to a conference attended by the Sinaloa Governor with a sign reading, “My school has not had power for 6 months!”. The Governor reportedly read the sign, talked to the girl and made a lot of promises that were not ultimately kept. So there we were, 8 dentist/hygienists in waiting, with no power. We ended up hiring an electrician who lives in Barron and works for EDM to temporarily rig it so the one wing of the school housing the computer classroom (the intended stage) would have electric.



Under the direction of head honcha, Deb Astroth, the empty room was converted into a real dental clinic. We were greeted by this Monday morning

We got started bright and early on Monday, scheduling the entire Sixth Grade from 8:30 am till 11:30. We got started a bit late, but all in all, things went pretty well. We saw 40 kids and their associated 1005 teeth. Of those teeth, we found 47 caries and 2 previously filled teeth. The statistics on how many fillings and extractions we did were not compiled, but they were many. The team worked amazingly smoothly and efficiently, considering the circumstances.

Tuesday morning was a different story. The first really big rainstorm that Mazatlan has experienced this season hit. Big rain and lots of lots of thunder so we were not particularly surprised when we arrived in Barron to find the electric was out. The dentists were scrambling but it was a classic case of “Ricardo to the Rescue!” Realizing that this was a real possibility, Dale and Dick had already purchased a generator and electric cords necessary to run the equipment. No AC or lights, but the intrepid dental team took hardly a note. On they worked thru the entire 5th and 4th grades; 739 and 538 teeth respectively. They discovered over 100 caries and 5 previously filled teeth.

Extractions happen!

Extractions happen!

The power came back on around 10:AM and with a little help from Maria Jose, Ana Isabel, Jesus and Uriel we managed to examine, treat and educate 55 more kids. Chi-Chi the Wonder Dental Dog helped us demonstrate correct brushing procedures and the kids had a lot of fun coloring pages and reading the posters.Not all Toothbrushes were this big.Lids

Wednesday was supposed to be a half day with the entire third grade scheduled but things never work out the way they are supposed to! Each child was required a bring a permission slip and fill out a medical history. The history part took a lot longer than with the older kids. Try translating “heart murmur” to a third grader! So we decided to require that all kids be accompanied by their parent which doubled the chaos out in the courtyard. But inside the clinic, our dedicated dentist worked on, kid after kid after kid. Of the 236 kids seen, only about 50 had caries-free mouths. Some decay was treated and others not, depending upon a range of circumstances best explained by a dentist. Some kids with major extractions required the attention of 3 dentists while other sailed thru with just a fluoride treatment. Keeping track was my job, a labor which kept me up till all hours.Dental SuppliesA hygiene station.

Thursday saw the Second graders scheduled, all 54 of them. By this time, word had gotten around that this was not necessarily a cake-walk and many of the second graders were really scared. I can’t praise the dental team enough as they tried to console little kids in another language. We did have lots of help but these kids were really brave… at least the little girls were generally very brave. The little boys were the ones crying and screaming. That was a long day. A full 12% of the teeth we saw were decayed, up from 4.6% of the 6th grade, 5.8% of the 5th grade, 11.3% of the 4th grade but less than the 18% rate found in the 3rd grade. Maybe that’s why Wednesday was such a long day!A happy Client!!Farielle. We really though we were home free by Friday morning. All we had left was the first grade, only 35 kids! Easy right? WRONG! It rained again Thursday evening and the rain continued through the morning. What we didn’t know was that kids don’t come to school when it rains…even during a dental clinic. I am not sure what they were thinking, but less than half the class showed up! So, what to do?? Well, maybe we could go educate the kindergarteners! Right! Let’s do it. Well, not one kindergartener had shown up for school! So we got on the public address system and announced that everyone with a dental appointment needed to show up at the school. Little by little, and especially after the rain let up, kids and parents trickled in and were treated, 26 in all.
Uriel Taking a HistoryWhat a cutie!We start 'em early!The Team!

I can’t thank the team members enough for the dedication, good cheer and talents which they shared with the kids of Barron. Bob and Julie Wallace loaned us their condo which we used as a mess hall… Dulce and Claudia cooked us wonderful meals every night which we enjoyed. The Winter Park contingent of EDM (Lance, Pratt’s, Winey’s, Silk) provided free use of their condos to house the team and that was also much appreciated. We received cash and toothbrush donations from Baillon’s, Wallace’s and my sister Sue. Kim and Heather provided transportation and sweet rolls. Delicious! The school mothers and teachers provided us lunch daily as a means of thanking us. The kids were totally captivated by these wonderful gringos. They held no grudges either. Kids that were under the needle the day before came back to watch and giggle the next day and appreciate our efforts. I want thank every one involved and the list is long. A lot of the accumulated supplies have remained in Mazatlan in anticipation of a repeat performance sometime next spring.