Iris Graduates

Iris is our success story.  She originally joined the scholarship program in 2014. She went unsponsored until Jim & Sue Baillon stepped up to the plate and sponsored both her and Teresita, who remains in University. Teresita is now sponsored by Bonnie McGuire Wreschner and she is set to graduate next year. Iris has been sponsored by Dick & Kris Mcguire since 2016. Although Iris has struggled in her academic career (she went on probation at least twice) but each time, she pulled her grades up to again qualify for the program. In the interim, she has matured in a beautiful young woman with goals and aspirations. Her scholarship will continue for another year as she serves her year internship in physical therapy.


Iris, a student sponsored by Jim & Susan Baillon for the academic year 2014-2015.

IMG_3911 2

Iris & her proud father at her University graduation ceremony. He is a long-time EDM employee. Dick & Kris Mcguire are her proud sponsors.

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