Call for Volunteers

Our charitable organization, Friends of Barron (FOB CANAM INC) has sponsored medical clinics in the small rural community of Barron, Sinaloa, Mexico since 2015.  Dr Bonnie McGuire and her team of volunteer doctors and nurses have performed three week-long, free clinics thus far.  Each annual clinic has treated between 200-300 patients.  The objective of these clinics has not only been to provide vital medical services but to demonstrate the need for a permanent clinic to the townspeople and the government of the state of Sinaloa.
The people of Barron have recently petitioned their government to build, staff and equip a new permanent clinic.  Recently, the government has committed to do so.  The community of Barron has donated the land for the project and FOB and Barron have raised $20,000 USD.  We hope to have a clinic operational by this time next year.
Once operational, FOB and our volunteer doctors and nurses will resume annual intensive clinics in cooperation with local doctors.  We anticipate our focus to be more on medical staff training and education as well as patient treatment.  We would be pleased and grateful for volunteers for these future clinics.  Meanwhile, check out our blog site and feel free to contact Dr. McGuire directly for additional information.

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