The Story of Jesus

Jesus with Dr Jeff Astroth, DDS.

Jesus with Dr Jeff Astroth, DDS.

Jesus Tirado lives in Barron. His mother cleans hotel rooms and his dad picks up odd jobs in the fields. Jesus used to sell golf balls along the eastern fence and then was accepted into the “Ninos del Rio” golf training program initiated with a gift from EDM golfers. He turned out to be a talented golfer and formed a fast friendship with the son of EDM residents Graham & Lee Smith. He was able to visit the Smith’s at their home in Ojai, CA. This kid knew he was going to be somebody someday so he stuck around and kept trying when door after door of opportunity closed.

So when the FOB CANAM inaugural dental clinic needed volunteers, Jesus and his friend Uriel stepped up and put in five long days helping the dental health workers treat the entire primary school population. They ran errands, they did paperwork, they herded the kids to where they needed to be. We couldn’t have done it without them. But Jesus was able to help translate inside the clinic as well due to his English skills. He helped sooth frightened kids who were seeing a dentist for the first time. He helped explain dicey situations to concerned parents. And he showed up every day, all day, always with a smile. He caught the attention of the volunteer dentists and they encouraged him to study dentistry.

Jesus is now in his second year of dental school, aided by a modest scholarship managed by FOB CANAM and sponsored by Graham & Lee Smith and Dick & Kris McGuire. For about $250 a month, this kid can go to dental school if he also works a part-time job. He still volunteers at every dental clinic gaining valuable insights working side-by-side with the experienced American dentist and hygienist volunteers; how to hide the needle from view and administer a painless injection, how to clean the hard-to-reach molars, how to explain consequences.

The volunteer dentists identified Jesus as a winner and FOBs sponsors made it happen

Future dentists?

Future dentists?


Friends of Barron is proud to announce the receipt of a $5000 grant from the Pierre Fouchard Academy, an honorary dental service organization ( Credit must go to Dr Kurt Ferre DDS, one of our volunteer dentists and Academy Member, identified the Academy as a potential source of funding. Additional thanks must go to Jeremy Kennell, an EDM resident who gathered all this input and produced the written grant proposal submittal last July. Monies will be used to purchase a dedicated dental unit and dental supplies for our ongoing dental clinic, an event that occurs annually. Last June, the clinic treated 222 primary school kids and 46 kindergarteners. A group of volunteer dentists and hygienists assembled by Claire Silk, herself a volunteer hygienist and EDM resident, are determined to affect change in the dental health of Barron’s youth. We have already seen a reduction in the number of cavities according to the ongoing comparative study that runs concurrently with the clinic. The study will run for five years and at that time, significant results are expected. Our dental health workers know that they can make a difference but they need facts to bolster their quest for future grant monies. They fully intend to make a significant difference over in Barron and they are willing to donate not only their professional time but their airfare. Their efforts to raise money to support their vision speaks to their dedication to the cause. But, in Mexico, it’s doubly hard to realize a vision due to all the red tape. So that’s where FOB CANAM steps in: We handle the logistics. We also manage the remaining financial support in the form of cash, translators, facility management and lodging. It’s not hard. It just takes dedication and donated time…… and money!

Largest Single Donation This Year Received

Many thanks to Pat and Doreen Butler of the Universal Golf Foundation AC and the EDM Management for their generous contribution of $50,000 pesos to support scholarships, school construction projects and other FOB activities in Barron. Over the past several years, FOB has been able to count on the generosity of this foundation and the EDM management in furthering its work with the schools and students of Barron as well as helping us sponsor scholarships for the kids of EDM employees who do not live in Barron.

FOB Sponsors Free Dental Clinic

Claire Silk, a phase one resident and a long-time professional dental hygienist, has organized a free dental clinic for the 250 primary school students in Barron. She has arranged for professional dentisis who are associated of hers to come in the from the United States with all of the equipment and supplies necessary to stage the clinic. The clinic is scheduled for the first week in September 2013. FOB CAN AC is the formal sponsor of the clinic and has assisted with making arrangements with the primary school and will pick up any additional costs for supplies and materials that cannot be acquired through donations. Thanks to Claire and the professional dentists for the generous offer of their time and talents to the kids of Barron.