Largest Single Donation This Year Received

Many thanks to Pat and Doreen Butler of the Universal Golf Foundation AC and the EDM Management for their generous contribution of $50,000 pesos to support scholarships, school construction projects and other FOB activities in Barron. Over the past several years, FOB has been able to count on the generosity of this foundation and the EDM management in furthering its work with the schools and students of Barron as well as helping us sponsor scholarships for the kids of EDM employees who do not live in Barron.

Library Gets New Books

The Barron Public Library located at the primary school, was able to procure new books last week. Representatives of the library attended the annual book fair held at the Plazuela Marchada and purchased about $200 worth of books for the library. Additionally, the furniture has been delivered and they expect to open the library to the public within a few weeks. If you have ideas as to how to procure books in Spanish at all reading levels, please contact Friends of Barron at