Friends of Barron is proud to announce the receipt of a $5000 grant from the Pierre Fouchard Academy, an honorary dental service organization ( Credit must go to Dr Kurt Ferre DDS, one of our volunteer dentists and Academy Member, identified the Academy as a potential source of funding. Additional thanks must go to Jeremy Kennell, an EDM resident who gathered all this input and produced the written grant proposal submittal last July. Monies will be used to purchase a dedicated dental unit and dental supplies for our ongoing dental clinic, an event that occurs annually. Last June, the clinic treated 222 primary school kids and 46 kindergarteners. A group of volunteer dentists and hygienists assembled by Claire Silk, herself a volunteer hygienist and EDM resident, are determined to affect change in the dental health of Barron’s youth. We have already seen a reduction in the number of cavities according to the ongoing comparative study that runs concurrently with the clinic. The study will run for five years and at that time, significant results are expected. Our dental health workers know that they can make a difference but they need facts to bolster their quest for future grant monies. They fully intend to make a significant difference over in Barron and they are willing to donate not only their professional time but their airfare. Their efforts to raise money to support their vision speaks to their dedication to the cause. But, in Mexico, it’s doubly hard to realize a vision due to all the red tape. So that’s where FOB CANAM steps in: We handle the logistics. We also manage the remaining financial support in the form of cash, translators, facility management and lodging. It’s not hard. It just takes dedication and donated time…… and money!

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