Thank You!

The US Post Office just delivered a pleasant surprise… a check for $5000.00 USD. This set off a scramble to verify that this was not some sort of mistake… donations to Friends of Barrón average about $200. But yes, someone who is an active participant in the charitable work that FOB does every year for the nearby town of Barrón, Sinaloa, Mexico, decided that it was time to give even more than time. And even more pleasant is the fact that the generous donation has been matched by an anonymous donor. FOB now has $10,000 to spend on our ongoing projects; new bathrooms, computers for use in virtual learning “classrooms,” and the new medical/dental clinic which has reopened to serve the people of Barrón during this time of crisis. COVID-19 has struck at the heart of the Estrella del Mar community and it is even more important now than ever to support those who support the residents of the resort in living comfortably and safely.

The clinic had to close only six weeks after its much anticipated opening in February 2020 because of the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and the lack of PPE, personal protective equipment to safeguard our three medical workers. But in August, these professionals decided that the virus has settled into endemic status within the community. That means that one has to assume that anyone walking through the door is potentially infected. Just like the Emergency Departments in hard hit US cities, if professionals are properly equipped, they can administer to the needs of the people of Barrón safely.

And so they are. For the last three weeks, fully armored staff have been seeing patients, both for medical and dental needs and the community is grateful. But this comes at a cost. Almost $1800 USD per month is needed to staff and equip the clinic, with extra monies needed to buy the elusive PPE. And now, with positive cases spiking among the employees at Estrella del Mar, it is more important than ever.

FOB  is starting a campaign next month to raise money for the medical/dental clinic focussing on our past donors and on the doctors, nurses, dentists, and hygienists who have volunteered over the years and have a personal interest in the new Clinic’s success.  

There are two ways to donate: send a check to FOB CANAM INC, 18 Oxford Ranch Rd, Laramie, WYOMING 82070, or send money using PayPal to

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