Arlete Studies Totoaba

Arlete is a scholarship recipient studying Fisheries Biology. She recently participated in a field trip to the northern Sea of Cortez to study Totoaba, shrimp, abalone and oyster propagation. Totoaba are endangered by unregulated Chinese factory fishers who value the fish’s swim bladder for use in herbal medical treatments to boost fertility. Their illegal harvest has also endangered the small endemic porpoise called Vaquita. The vaquita become entangled in the nets the Chinese factory ships cast to catch Totoaba and they drown.

Arlete will be on the front lines of the battle to save these two species when she graduates next year. Her sponsors, Dick and Kris McGuire are also biologists and are thrilled to see their $700 a year in scholarship donations put to such good use.

Friends of Barròn encourages those who have a vocation to find a suitable candidate among the upcoming Class of 2023 whose ambitions they could mentor, to step up to the plate and sponsor a university career. Watch this space for more information about our new scholars.

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