Call For Sponsors Successful – All Kids Sponsored

FOB is proud to announce the acceptance of eight new highly qualified university students into its scholarship program. To continue in this program, each student needs a sponsor. Sponsorships are USD 700 per school year. Below you will find the profiles of each student. Hopefully, you will find some common interest in one or more of these fine people and agree to support them financially. Past and present sponsors will attest to the many personal and cross cultural benefits they enjoy from their relationships with their students and student families in Barrón.

BREAKING NEWS! Tania has been sponsored by John and Sandra Davis.

Tania – 21 years old

A first-generation Barrón High School graduate, Tania likes to read in her free time. She works as a waitress in a Stone Island restaurant to help pay for her education. She is in her first semester at the Teacher’s University of Sinaloa in Villa Union where she maintains an A average. Her after-school project in Barrón is to tutor kids who have dropped out of school or are failing. Her long-term goal is to create a recreation/daycare center in Barrón as a safe place to leave kids when parents go to work. Currently, Barrón has no such facility. 

Merichel has been sponsored by an anonymous person

Merischel – 18 years old

Mery likes to play soccer and is an amateur photographer. She works as a waitress at Panamás in Mazatlán to supplement her expenses. Mery is in her second year at the Technical University of Durango in Mazatlán, studying to become a customs agent. Mery lives with her parents, who are helping with the cost of her education. Her dream is to help industrialize for export agricultural and fishery products produced in Barrón. She sees packing plants and processing facilities as essential to the future development of the farming industry in Barrón. 

BREAKING NEWS!! Lance & Jeremy are going to support Juan Manuel

Juan Manuel – 18 years old

Juan Manuel loves to swim and play volleyball. He works on the weekends as a Stone Island waiter to contribute to his education. He is majoring in physical therapy and has completed two semesters at the Superior Technological Institute of Mazatlán, where he maintains a 9.72 GPA. His interest is in medical services, and he wants to provide low-cost in-home physical therapy care to Barron’s poorest residents. 

BREAKING NEWS!! Jessica has been sponsored by Margaret Perez.

Jessica – 18 years old

Jessica is in her first year at the Teachers University of Sinaloa in Mazatlán, maintaining a 9.8 GPA. She has previously worked in a daycare center and plans on continuing to do so during her vacations from school. She has asked to use the space at our dental/medical clinic in Barrón on weekends when we are not open to help tutor poor-performing students.

Erika has been sponsored by Dave and Bonni Canary

Erika – 17 years old

Erika is in her first year at the Teaching College University in Concordia, Sinaloa, where she maintains a 9.0 GPA. Erika has to work at least eight hours a week to contribute to her education because her only source of funds is from her parents, who are day laborers in the agricultural industry in Barrón. Her mother became sick this year and can no longer contribute financially. Like the others, Erika plans to give back to her community by working with other student teachers in Barrón to tutor kids who are not doing well. She wants to form a homework club to work with disadvantaged kids.

BREAKING NEWS!! Both Marias have been sponsored by Sandy Vernon and Mike Winey

María del Sol – 18 years old

María is in her second year at the University of Sinaloa in Mazatlán, studying to become a psychologist in a five-year program. She graduated from Barrón High School and finished her first year at the university with a 9.75 average. Her only financial support comes from her father, who also supports her twin sister, María del Mar (also in the scholarship program). 

María del Mar – 18 years old

Identical twin to María del Sol, María del Mar’s favorite pastimes are reading and listening to music. She is a recent graduate of Barrón High School and is in her second year at the University of Sinaloa at Mazatlán, studying to become a lawyer. She completed her last semester with a 9.75 GPA. Her great ambition is to provide pro bono legal services to poor people in her community, and eventually would like to enter politics as the mayor of Barrón (Comisaria de Barrón). In that position, she hopes to do some real good for her community. 


Nayleth – 20 years old

Nayleth is in her third year of university and has yet to find a sponsor. Nayleth attends Mazatlan’s school of fine arts studying to become a preschool teacher. She has a one-year-old child, and with her mother’s help babysitting, she can maintain a solid B average. Her ultimate goal after graduation is to open a new daycare center in Barrón to provide this vital service for the many working mothers.

If you would like to sponsor one of these fine students, please contact Richard McGuire (, Dale Lyster (, or just reply to this blog. Your student will be in frequent email contact with you to report their progress and to introduce you to their families if you wish to develop a closer relationship.

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