Benefactors Tour Facility

Friends of Barron was recently able to inaugurate a temporary computer classroom for the Secondary School in Barron due to the generous contribution of computers from Joe & Berenice Oviatt (11 computers) and Dave & Elaine Greiner (7 computers). With a lot of help from the Estrella del Mar IT department member Carlos Mercado and others, the computers were wiped clean, reprogrammed and installed in a regular classroom over in Barron after electrical wiring improvements had been made. The computers are connected to an Internet tower at the school that allows reception of a signal shared by the Barron Elementary School. Using a device residing on EDM’s radio tower located at the gate entrance, the signal is relayed to the elementary school and then on to the secondary school. Students who have never had internet access can now begin to view a whole other world.


As soon as the new computer laboratory is complete, the students will be able to have class without displacing a third of the population every time. Currently, there are three classrooms that house 100 students. When the new computer lab is complete, students will be able to attend class without disturbing other students. The new lab is about half complete. Another $60,000 pesos is required to finish it. FOB has committed to provide matching funds to the people of Barron to finish the classroom. They have raised about $20,000 pesos so far with raffles and collection days out on the highway. As they near their goal, they are now getting bids from local contractors in anticipation of completing the much-needed project.  If you would like to contribute to this project, please contact Dale Lyster (Condo #1117 – 178-0117) or Dick McGuire (Condo #1105  – 178-0105). If you intend to leave a check, please make it out to “FOB CANAM AC”. Because the Mexican banks will not accept corrected checks, please make out the check exactly as indicated and do not have any spelling errors or other corrections. FOB is a registered charitable organization and you will receive a receipt that indicates that the funds went to a Mexican charity.



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