Kindergarten Gets Flouride Treatment 

In an ongoing effort to stem rampant dental caries in the Barron, Mexico school population, Friends of Barron recently went into the kindergarten class and treated 40 children with Flouride.  

Che Che The Wonderdog helps break the ice

At first the kids regarded the dental team (EDM residents Claire Silk, Jan & Bill Schoen, Heather Anders, Jayne Rupe and Kris Mcguire) warily, but when Kris pulled out the big yellow stuffed dog, Che Che, things changed fast. Che Che’s choppers and oversized toothbrush proved irresistible to the kids who flocked to him to practice brushing. 

Many of the children exhibit classic signs of baby bottle mouth, a condition resulting from milk, juice or, more alarmingly, Coca Cola offered to children at bedtime in a baby bottle. The liquid pools in the sleeping child’s mouth and rots the teeth. 

FOB is committed to not only treating teeth but educating the mothers to stop this practice. 


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