Sponsors Found, More Needed

Thanks go out to sponsors who heeded the call and took on needy students.  We still have four students needing sponsors; one student from last weeks post that remains unsponsored and three of the students who are seniors in high school who have never had a sponsor. Their scholarships have been covered by the FOB General Fund.

Fatima – Age 16

Fatima graduated in June 2014 and was awarded a scholarship in August. She is now in her second year of high school and is a straight “A+” student. Fatima likes to play football, basketball and volleyball. She is enrolled in high school in Villa Union.

In her essay she writes;

“I want my parents to be proud of me so I can be proud of myself. This scholarship will allow me to finish high school. And with my ability to get good grades, I think I will have a good chance to get into a good University because ultimately I want to become a teacher or a nurse.”


Ricardo Noel – In his last year of High School and Needs a Sponsor

Age 18

Ricardo attends COBAIS #51 in Mazatlan. He is being raised by his grandmother and his sister in Barron and his favorite pastime is to play soccer with his buddies. He wants to get good grades in prep school so he can get into university and study architecture.

In his essay he writes:
“One of my most important decisions is to decide and choose a professional career. I evaluated several options and decided that I really want to study architecture. One of my great motives in deciding to pursue a professional career is my family, consisting of my grandmother and my sister. I want to succeed in my education so I can be somebody in life and so that I can be an important person in my community and so that I can make my family proud of me. I want you to know that this scholarship is very important to me because my economic conditions would not allow be to continue my studies. My sister, who has her own life, is the only one in my family that can help me.”


Daimy Yatziri – In her last year of High School and Needs a Sponsor

Age 18
Daimy is a high “B” average student and likes to hang out with her friends and family and play soccer. She wants to do well in prep school so she can continue her studies afterwards to become a professional criminologist.

In her essay she wrote:
“I know education is one of the most important things in life. It is the primary tool to get ahead in general. But in particular, I like school. My aspirations in life are to continue my studies to become a professional and secure a stable job. My family tries to do everything possible to help me pursue my future studies but they just don’t have the economic resources. But even though they can’t afford it, they insist that I continue my studies. Also, I want to demonstrate to my friends and other people, like the help that this scholarship is offering, with a little bit of financial help, I can make the best of my opportunities and come out ahead.”


Julissa – In her Last Year of High School and Needs a Sponsor.

Age 18

Julissa attends the University Autonomia de Sinaloa  (UAS) where she has maintained an “A” average. Julissa’s goal is to maintain good grades in High School so she can get into a University. She wants to major in Psychology. He father is a farmer and her mother is a housekeeper. She has a sickly young brother.

In her essay she writes:

I am a very responsible person. I am usually very happy and I dedicate myself to my studies. Because of these personal qualities I have always been a good student and have always gotten good grades. I have my heart set on University but I don’t see where the money is coming from because the economic situation in my house is very hard.  My father only earns 1100 pesos a month as a day worker in the fields and my mother can’t work and help with the expenses because she has diabetes and frequent headaches. 

If you are interested in sponsoring any of these kids, see Dick (1105, 178-0105) or Dale (1117 178-0117).

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