Sponsors Needed

The Friends of Barron scholarship program is entering its sixth year. Since its inception in 2010, the program has awarded 57 high school scholarships and 10 University scholarships.  To date, 33 of our scholarship students have graduated from high school and of those, 42% have gone on to University. Over the years, most of our scholarship students have been directly sponsored by individual donors. Fifteen sponsors are currently active in the program. Despite the success of our sponsorship program, we still need sponsors.  The annual cost of a scholarship for the 2015 -2016 school year is $600 USD for all students who commute from Barron. University scholarships vary with the cost of the chosen curriculum, anywhere from $700 USD to $1200 USD per academic year. The money is awarded to the students only after they submit their quarterly report cards that reflect at least a “B” average. Students who do not achieve a “B” average go on probation. They out of the program if the average does not recover by the next grading period. Students need support until they graduate, normally a three year obligation, but that is not a mandate. No matter how much you contribute, you will be supporting qualified, motivated students in their quest to better themselves and their community. Make your payment to FOB CANAM AC please send a check made out to “FOB CANAM AC” (it has to be exact) to either Dale Lyster (Condo 1117) or Dick McGuire (Condo 1105/1106). In return, you gain contact and perhaps friendship with a local family. Or just donate!

For the current academic year, we still have six high school kids who lack a sponsor. 

Alondra – Sponsored by Ken and Jan Clarence

Age 14

Alondra graduated the Barron middle school in June, 2015 with a “A” average. Based on her grades and the the quality of her essay, she was accepted into the scholarship program in August, 2015. Now fifteen, Alondra is currently enrolled in high school in Mazatlan.

In her essay she writes:

“I really need this scholarship because there are three kids in my family. I am the oldest. My family doesn’t have much money. My father is a day worker in the fields and my mother does not work because one of my sisters has special needs and my mother has to care for her. She used to attend a special education school in Mazatlan, but for lack of money, she has to stay home. I have big dreams to be a school teacher and maybe even through my education to get a doctor’s degree. I am not certain what I want to study but nursing and psychology are high on my list.

Rodolfo – Sponsored by Bill and Jayne Jackson

Age 14

Adolfo graduated in June with an “B+” average. He now attends high school in Mazatlan.

In his five-page essay he writes:

If FOB offers me this scholarship, it would be my only opportunity to continue my studies and ultimately meet my objectives. There are five kids in my family. I have two little brothers; one that is 1 yr old and another that is two. We are a family that lives day-to-day. My father does not have a salary. We get by on the little bit of money that my father makes. It makes me really sad because many times there is not sufficient money to pay the basic costs of living. My father has a really hard time supporting the family. And for these reasons I see the importance of education for myself because someday I want to get ahead. I’ve never had the opportunity to receive any kind of help with my studies. And if you award me this scholarship, I promise I will not fail. Ultimately I would like to enter University and become a Naval Engineer.

Jesus Abraham – Sponsored by Glenn Long & Bette Millar Long

Age 15

Jesus graduated with his class in June and now attends high school in Mazatlan. He likes to play baseball and he wants to become a veterinarian.

In his essay he writes:

 I’m a very responsible person. I have always made good grades in school. I know that going to high school in Mazatlan is going to be a big change for me. But I know I can do it. If you agree to award me this scholarship you have my word that I will work as hard as I can to maintain a good grade average. I, Jesus, promise you that I will finish high school and after high school I would like to pursue a professional career and at the same time, continue to play baseball because I am good at that sport. I want to be a veterinarian because I love animals. I’m disturbed by what I see as many animals face extinction because Humans don’t value the fauna. 

Rosalinda – Sponsored by Dave & Elaine Greiner

Age 15

Rosalinda graduated last June from Barron middle school with an “A” average. She was awarded a scholarship in October, 2015. She attends CONALEP in Mazatlan.

In her essay she writes:

My aspirations are to prepare myself to become what I really want to be. But first I know that I have to finish high school. And only after that can I pursue a University degree in Hospitality and Tourism. Having that degree I can then study to be what I’ve always wanted to be since I was a little girl. And that is, an international chef. I dream of traveling to Madrid, Spain and meeting Omar Pereney, one of the World’s great chefs. I want to also meet a great man, get married and have two sons. I realize that right now at my age, these are all just dreams, but I need to dream. 


All of these scholarships have been awarded on a provisional basis pending our ability to find sponsors for these four kids. All are maintaining a “B” or better average in high school. If we cannot find a sponsor by March, the kids will be dropped from the program. 


The following two students were awarded scholarships in August of 2014 and we have yet to find sponsors for them. Each is in her second year of high school and each is maintaining a “B” or better grade average.

Amiaramy – Sponsored by Sandy Vernon

Age 16

Amairamy likes to play football and volleyball and she wants to be a dentist so that “one day, I can help my parents and my community like FOB does.” She has a straight “A+” average.

In her essay, she writes:

The only way for me to succeed and achieve my objectives to to get a good education. I consider myself to be a kind, sensitive and responsible daughter, and I always try to be one of the best students. My family of five is poor. My parents are farmers and they both work hard when there is work. But they only finished primary school. I have a brother in the fifth grade and another brother in his third year of high school. And now with me in high school, this is a real financial strain on my family. So I really need this scholarship. 


Fatima – Age 16 Needs a Sponsor!

Fatima graduated in June 2014 and was awarded a scholarship in August.  She is a straight ‘A” student coming out of middle school and has maintained high grades in high school. Fatima likes to play football, basketball and volleyball.  She is enrolled in high school in Villa Union.

In her essay she writes;

I want my parents to be proud of me so I can be proud of myself. This scholarship will allow me to finish high school. And with my ability to get good grades, I think I will have a good chance to get into a good University because ultimately I want to become a teacher or a nurse. 


If you have any interest in sponsoring any one or more of these six students, please see Dick in 1105 or Dale in 1117, Estrella del Mar. High school scholarships are $600 USD (50% of total cost) for one academic year. The school years runs from August to June. For more details on the scholarship program, please visit.

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