FOB Dental Clinic Update

Smile ChartAfter three years of FOB’s dental study, preliminary examination of the data reveals a distinct upward trend in the dental health of the Barron Elementary School students. Every class shows an upward slope when compiling the percentage of kids with cavity free mouths.  Congratulations must first go to the students and their parents. They have paid attention to the repeated educational programs, incentivizing contests and stern lectures delivered in a variety of ways by FOB volunteers. Secondly, recognition must also go to EDM resident, FOB volunteer and retired Registered Dental Hygienist Claire Silk who started the program and spearheads the ongoing effort.  Her group of dentists and dental hygienists from Colorado, New Mexico and Oregon have three times arrived en mass to treat every willing kid at the school, some 220 kids a year. The amazing part is that the kids are not only willing, but excited to go the dentist. What an achievement! Next year will be no exception.

Additionally, another EDM owner, Todd Kaminsky DDS intends to assist with the annual Fluoridation Clinic held in January and perhaps an adult clinic. Together we are making a difference!


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