Charity Golf Tournament

Friends of Barron, along with two other charitable foundations, was listed as one of the participating charities for the 2016 Charity Golf Tournament at the Estrella del Mar (EDM)  Resort near Mazatlan, Mexico. We had been the beneficiaries of previous tournaments and received donations ranging from $20,000 to $80,000 pesos. Last year, however, circumstances spun out of control when Mexican President Pena-Nieto decided to visit our resort. His security detail required that the course be cleared so the venue shifted to the downtown course of El Cid. The tournament was well-attended, fielding over 140 players, but even at $5,000 pesos each, the golf professionals at EDM were unable to cover expenses and the charities went begging, more or less.

EDM Management has promised us that this year will be different. In a meeting with Golf Director Jorge Enrique Corral, we have been assured that FOB is to receive top consideration for funds arising from this years’ tournament.

This is a welcome announcement since FOB has recently committed $200,000 pesos toward the construction of the new high school in Barron, matching funds with the community itself and the Mexican government. We hope that you participate in the tournament  this year to help us meet one of our longstanding goals of improving the educational level of the children of Barron. FOB is optimistic that the 2017 Charity Golf Tournament will again be a significant contributor to our ongoing projects in Barron.

Dick McGuire

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