Medical Clinic Successful !

Las Lagunitas eBulletin Board

Danielle Neuberth(PA), Bonnie McGuire (MD), Rachel Jenner(RN), Eric Victorin (EMT) (aka Clarke Kent), Rod Kaasa (MD), Stephanie Morency (RN), Ben Kaasa(MD), Veronica Stanton(RN), Alwyn and Teri Kaasa Danielle (PA), Bonnie (MD), Rachel (RN), Clark (EMT), Rod (MD), Stephanie (RN), Ben (MD), Veronica (RN), Alwyn and Teri on their way to work
Here they are!! Heroes all, at least to the good folks of Barron. This medical team was ably assisted by a team of translators including Dave & Lindy Marvin, Aida Alvarado, Marie Pedrero, Miriam Ayala and her brother Manuel and sister, Karla. Along with Dick and I and, of course, Barron’s Godfather, Dale Lyster, we processed 287 people through the converted Comisariado Ejidal in Barron.

Before.... Before…. The before and after pictures tell the story. Each of three examination rooms were necessarily equipped (but not much more). Patients needing a more thorough exam were able to use a real examination table shared among the three practioners. We had three medical history stations and a reception desk outside. Kris, Dick and Teri manned the reception desk. From there…

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