Silent Auction Brings in Much Needed Funds

The recent Fiesta Gala and Silent Auction resulted in the addition of over $8000 USD to the coffers of Friends of Barron. We are very pleased that the residents of Estrella del Mar (EDM) were so willing to show their support for the schools and children of Barron. We have yet to hear from the EDM Charity Golf Tournament supervisor about how much they will be able to contribute this year. Last year and the year before, EDM’s contribution exceeded that of the residents. Indeed, the discussion at the Lorena Ochoa press conference indicated they intend to contribute and we look forward to that.

Our hope is to be able to continue to support the 13 students that entered the scholarship program last August as well as take applications from this year’s secondary school graduating class. Our capital improvement projects are continuing. The elementary school new classroom is nearing completion and the secondary school’s new computer classroom is making progress. A complete accounting report is in the works.

Friends of Barron will continue soliciting donations for the upcoming school year. If you would like to contribute, please contact us at either or You can either contribute to the general fund or adopt a specific student. We have updated all the students’ profiles. Simply click on the ‘Adopt A Student” tab at the top of and scroll thru the list. Your donations are best received via check but we can also accept PayPal if you are willing to add the 3% surcharge to your total.

On another note, the Barron elementary school has invited us to the annual Springtime parade. The children will all be dressed at flowers and animals and the parade (“desfile”) will begin at 9:30 am on Friday, March 18th. It should be terminally cute so bring your cameras. You will be able to see the new classroom as well.

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