Internet Comes to Barron Primary School

The students attending the Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez primary school in Barron have some things that they have never had before: computers and Internet.  The new Internet connection is tantalizingly close to reality. The tower is built, the radio connection tested and ready. The Mazatlan School District has comitted to pay for the monthly costs of the server. We wait solely upon an administrative detail to be ironed out. As is typical in Mexico, the devil is in the details. We await an address to which to send the monthly bill.

Meanwhile, back in Vancouver, Scotia Bank’s executive and EDM resident, Joe Oviatt has secured another 25 laptop computers for the school. As soon as we can figure out a way to transport them from Vancouver to Calgary, Dale Lyster will load them on a flight to Mazatlan and we’ll be ready to open up a whole new world for the students of Barron. What an achievement!  Many thanks go to Joe for rounding up these laptops, to Dale and Marilyn Jarvis for handling the logistics of transport and to West Jet Airlines for offering to fly them to Mazatlan for free. It does take a village.