Barrón Medical/Dental Clinic & Community Center Breaks Ground

On Friday, a ten-year old dream came true. A large backhoe extended its boom and began preparing the empty lot on the corner of Sixth and Rio Streets in Barrón.

La Viña leader Fred Collum (far left with flag), officers of the three Mazatlán Rotary Clubs, the president of Barrón, FOBs Richard McGuire, La Viña’s Miguel “the Architect”, and the president of the ejido celebrate the start of construction.

The planned three story building will provide youth activities, instructional classrooms, and care for the homeless. But the most important aspect of the structure is that it will permanently house FOBs fully staffed medical and dental clinic.

Upon completion, FOB will donate all the medical and dental equipment to the community of Barrón. With FOB’s help and continued financial support, La Viña will take over the management of the clinic.

Friends of Barrón would like to thank the many donors who have contributed to this worthy cause over the years.

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