Miriam Graduates

Deb and Lee Slupianek are pleased to announce the preparatory school graduation of their sponsored student, Miriam. Miriam has been with the FOB scholarship program for three years and represents the last of the high school students on the program. Two years ago, FOB transitioned to extending scholarships to only University students. This decision was based upon the fact that our program was originally intended to help students overcome the financial burden of the daily bus fare into Mazatlán. Since the Barrón Preparatory School opened three years ago, local students no longer need to commute to receive a high school education. In fact, through the efforts of Lance Gutersohn and Jeremy Kennell, Barrón’s high school has the latest computer technology and can potentially deliver a better education than is available in other local schools.



Miriam at graduation

October 1 is the deadline for University applications. Lee and Deb report that Miriam has been accepted into a University and they look forward to continuing her support as she pursues a career. If you would like to adopt a deserving University student from Barrón, Mexíco, please contact either Dale Lyster or Richard McGuire. We hope to receive the applications by mid-October and by November, we will know how many additional sponsors will be needed.


Thank you for your support.


Miriam in 2016



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