Second Annual Sponsor Picnic

For the second year in a row, Friends of Barron sponsored a picnic get-together for our scholarship student and their sponsors. The lasides of Barron got together and prepeared a hot meal of chicken poblano tacos, beef machada tacos and fried fish. It was delicious! FOB encourages our students to establish independent relationships with their sponsors to promote the multi-cultural experience.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves despite language barriers. Jane and Bill Jackson mad a gift of a new strthoscope to their student, Jessica. Jessica is in the last year of her nursing school curriculum and will soon enter a year of internship before becoming a full-fledged nurse. Jane, being a nurse herself is thrilled to be able to assist her in achieving her goals.

Bill & Jane with Jessica

Bill & Jane with Jessica

Janice and Ron Ohms were able to meet their new student Luis. Luis is 15 and aspires to be a computer science major at university.SAM_1231


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