Dental Clinic Team Takes Shape

FOB CANAM is proud to introduce the team of dentists who will make the Barron Elementary School Dental Clinic possible. The Clinic will take place Sept 1 thru 6 in the computer classroom that FOB CANAM outfitted several years ago. This classroom will be transformed into a dentist office using the portable equipment supplied by Deb Astroth, Team Leader. Our goal is to examine, treat and educate all 250 kids, grades 1 thru 6. This is the first of many clinics envisioned by FOB CANAM.

The following is a letter written by Deb Astroth to the team:

Greetings to you all!
We now have a complete team of eight individuals! I thank all of you for your commitment to the project and I know that Claire, our visionary, as well as the “Friends of Barron” also do.

I thought I should send out an email that introduces all of you to each other and provides each of you with a bit of contact info so that while my husband Jeff and I are out of the country you could all communicate with each other.

Claire Silk, RDH: This mission is Claire’s vision. She has had her own dental hygiene practice in Winter Park, CO beginning in the late 80’s. She and her husband spend part of their time in Estrella del Mar near Barron and she asked Jeff and I if we would help establish this mission.

Kurt Ferre, DDS (Kurt #1): Jeff’s long time friend from dental student days at Northwestern. Director of the dental clinic for Kaiser in Portland, now with a non profit clinic. Kurt #1 has done Mexico missions with us in the past.

Kurt Bazilus, DDS (Kurt #2); Former University of Colorado dental student who went with us on several missions to Mexico (with Kurt #1 ), now practicing in his home state of AZ. Has continued his passion for mission trips to other areas. We are thrilled he is coming, especially since his wife is expecting their first child the end of September.

Nina Hunington: RDH: Deb has worked with Nina through the Central Regional Dental Testing Service. Nina is from Owatonna, MN and has been coming to the Mazatlan area with her family for many years so was excited to come back to this area to serve. Deb is thrilled to have such an accomplished dental hygienist on the team.

Marjan Mohajer: a CU dental student who was scheduled to go with Deb and Jeff to Mexico a few years ago but the political administration had changed so we did not go. She is willing and able and ready to go, and we are glad that she has been able to get clearance from the school administration to join us!

Farielle Houran: a dental student at Oregon Health Sciences University. As a result of Kurt Ferre’s network of contacts, Farielle responded. She is fluent in Spanish and has a lot of experience in outreach. We look forward to meeting and working with you!

Jeff and I will be leaving the US on July 30 for South Africa for the International Federation of Dental Hygiene Meeting and a photographic safari. We will be back in the US on August 19th. We will fly to the area where we used to do a mission on the 29th of August to pick up our equipment (hand instruments, a portable dental unit, curing light, some paper products, etc). We are hoping everything will be in working order, however you never know. We will spend two days checking the equipment and spending time with our contacts there and then fly to Mazatlan on the 31st.

Claire has a good handle on obtaining donations and supplies, however please check in with her to see if you can assist with any gaps.

It appears that many of us will be on that same flight from Mazatlan to LA on the 7th. As you get your flights let Claire know as she will be arranging pick up times in Mazatlan.

Thank you and look forward to this experience with all of you!!
Deb Astroth

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