Scholarship Program

Friends of Barron is constantly growing and revising our methods. Our goal is to provide academically gifted students with an incentive to not only continue their education through high school, but to excel in their academic endeavors. After a year and a half of trying to help out these deserving kids, we have revised the program several times and recently we called a meeting of all scholarship students and their parents. Every one, with the exception of Janeth who had to work, attended the meeting. We were able to sit down and look these bright young people in the eye and see how they are doing, ask what problems they are having, gather needed data and generally come to a consensus agreement that we are on the right path. Portraits of these kids reveal their potential. Be sure to take a look at the Student Scholars page. There are 2011 and 2012 portraits of the original group of scholarship winners. See how they have matured. Study their smiles, their eyes. They proudly wear the uniforms of their various high schools. These kids are going to make something of themselves and they will be the ones to bring prosperity and development to their home town of Barron.

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