Update on School Construction Projects

Friends of Barron just donated $9500 MX to match kindergarten parents’ work and donations to complete the new classroom at the Barron kindergarten. Funds were used to buy bookshelves, coat racks, teacher’s desk, a whiteboard and a wall-mounted television. The parents painted the classroom, leveled and graveled the ground outside the classroom and donated miscellaneous furniture to finish the job.

The project to build a new computer classroom for the secondary school started in 2010 with FOB helping the school to raise $25,000 MX to obtain a government match of $25,000 MX to begin the project. By August of 2010, foundation and walls were up. The 2011 fund raising effort to complete the computer classroom with roof, doors and windows raised another $25,000 MX ($15,000 MX raised by student families in Barron and $10,000 MX contributed by FOB). The money was deposited with the Mexican government with the expectation of winning another $25,000 MX match. With these $50,000 new construction pesos, the families of Barron hope to see the computer classroom finished before the next school year begins in August 2011. Once the building is complete, the Mexican Government is offering to outfit the classroom with 30 new computers.

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