Scholarship Program Update

The Friends of Barron Scholarship Committee, in cooperation with the Barron Secondary School, is currently putting the finishing touches on the application form. The baseline survey to establish the degree of need within the community has been completed by Barron parents and scholarship applications will go out on April 12, as soon and the kids return from Easter Break. Completed applications are due April 19 and after that time, the Parent/Teacher Selection Committee will begin to evaluate the applicants. So far, we have four entities willing to either contribute directly to the scholarship fund or to Adopt-A-Student: The Drury College Golf Team, Dave & Lindy Marvin, Marty & Cathie Sattler and Dick & Kris McGuire. We have not yet finalized the numbers, but it looks like the total cost to send a kid from Barron to prep school in Mazatlan is about $1600 USD per year. We plan to offer scholarships for about 70% of this cost. If you would like to participate in this program, please contact Friends of Barron. Details will be posted on the Adopt-A-Student/Scholarship page in the very near future.

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