Wish List for 2010

1. Finish Rewiring 2 classrooms (also new electrical box with 220 v) DONE!
2. Finish installing cistern for water DONE!!
3. Replace pump for the cistern DONE!!
4. Build a security house for pump DONE!!
5. Buy 2 shelves for books DONE!!
6. Install 4 overhead fans DONE!!
7. Classroom supplies
8. Computer and printer
9. Books for classrooms
10. Gravel for Playground
11. Outside Storage facility
Total: 60,000 pesos

Elementary – Library
Renovate an empty classroom to make a Community Library (see the before and after photos below). We have already:

1. Repaired leaky roof DONE!
2. Sanded and painted walls DONE!!
3. Refinished floor DONE!!
4. Added 4 windows DONE!!
5. Placed security bars over 4 windows DONE!!
6. Installed 6 large 6’ bookshelves DONE!!
7. Electrical work for air conditioner DONE!!
8. Bought 14 trapezoid tables DONE!!
9. Bought 42 chairs DONE!!
10. We need a computer and printer
11. We need more books for library
12. Proposed Part time Positions for Library and Computer Lab (2 people for 3 days a week @ 1,500 pesos/ mo or 18,000/year.) We are also looking for volunteers for these positions.
Total: 137,000 pesos


1. Air Condition three classrooms and principal’s office DONE!!
Total: 42,000 pesos
2. Support school in its application for a computer classroom. There are only 3 classrooms in the school – one for each grade and no room for computers. There are 35, 40 and 42 students in each of the classes. The community needs to raise 30% and government funding will provide 70%. So far the parents have raised 4000 pesos and will sponsor a dance and a raffle later this Spring.
Total : 87,000 pesos. (We will match what is raised by the community against this amount)
3. Scholarship and Adopt a Student Programs – These programs are aimed at encouraging greater attendance at Preparatory Schools (grades 10, 11 & 12) in Mazatlan (Barron has no Prep School). Under the Adopt a Student program, EDM owners and others will have the opportunity to support a student of their choice for Prep School. The Scholarship program will target and reward high performing students.
4. Bussing Program – One of the largest expenses for parents to send their kids to Prep School in Mazatlan is transportation. With the objective of encouraging maximun Prep School attendance for the kids of Barron, we are evaluating a bussing subsidy to assist with this expense.

Town of Barron
The Cosgrove family has assumed the sponsorship for the Barron Little League Team for the 2010 baseball season. Ken invites you to attend the league games in Mazatlan every Sunday.

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