Why Education is Important

Education is the knowledge or skill developed by a learning process or experience. It is central to the development of children so that they can lead a more fulfilling life. Education also has the ability to empower people so that they can make a contribution to their community.
“Education can significantly improve people’s lives. It benefits people, society, and the world as a whole. It enables people to read, reason, communicate, and make informed choices about their lives. A more educated person often has more opportunities in life, earns more and has a higher standard of living. Each year of schooling increases a person’s earnings by 10%! Skilled workers enable a country to develop and become wealthier as a nation, which benefits all. A skilled labor force creates, applies and spreads new ideas and technologies. Without education, inventions like electricity, medicine, cars, computers, video games, and much more wouldn’t exist!”
“Education is one of the most powerful ways to reduce poverty and inequality, and to pave the way for sustained economic growth. Studies demonstrate that illiteracy corresponds to regions with greater poverty.” http://youthink.worldbank.org/

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