What Did We Buy in 2008?

Elementary School

10 tables and 20 chairs for grade one classroom (replaced old metal ones)Library
renovated an unused classroom to make it into the new Media Classroom
bought co-axle cable for Internet access
computer technician from Estrella del Mar worked on a weekend to wire the classroom
20 small laptops were provided by TelMex through a contest the school entered so the school now has 27 computers – a full lab!Primary EntrancewayGreen Computers

Secondary School
Secondary School wanted a front wall and gate to the school as well as fencing around the school and playground to keep the chickens and pigs out. Friends of Barron paid for the front wall and gate and the school board did the fencing.

Classroom supplies were donated from Estrella del Mar owners (pencils, paper, felt pens, erasers, art supplies)

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