Jorge Begins His Career​ Thanks to the Rupe’s

Jorge has been with the Friends of Barrón Scholarship Program since he was in preparatory school. His first sponsors were Ron and Joyce Pogue, who supported him until his graduation. He was able to use his diploma and education to qualify for entrance into the prestigious maritime academy in Mazatlán, Mexico, and graduated this spring. During his four collegiate years, Rob and Jayne Rupe were his sponsors.

Jorge at age 15. He spent one year on high school scholarship.


The future captain will eventually have his own ship.

Friends of Barrón received an update from Jayne last month. Jorge left for his first job in Campeche, Mexico (a major port on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula) on July 3, 2019. According to Jayne, his departure for Campeche was very touch and go, since he did not receive his maritime passport until the day before.
He is living on a “vessel” that is currently inactive and he is waiting for a contract. He is sailing every day on another boat that transports people to oil platforms out in the Gulf of Mexico.
The captain has given him permission to learn how to do maneuvers and pilot the boat. When inactive he even cooks for the crew….not one of his favorite activities. He is still not “an employee,” but does receive room and board and experience. He is searching for a company where he can be gainfully employed.
Rob and Jayne are two of FOB’s best supporters. They also sponsored Daniella, who has graduated from university this year. Her major was physical therapy and she is now performing her residency. She prefers to work with children and is gaining valuable experience. Ron and Jayne hope to sponsor Daniela’s brother, Manuel when he enters University.                                                                              image1SAM_1186
It is only because of the generosity of people like the Rupe’s that Friends of Barrón is able to enable the children of Barrón to attend university and have a chance to give back to their community. If you would like to contribute to the advanced education of deserving children of people who live nearby our beautiful estate in Mexico, Estrella del Mar, please contact Dale Lyster or Richard McGuire.

1 thought on “Jorge Begins His Career​ Thanks to the Rupe’s

  1. This is awesome! Thanks for the generosity of so many to help things like this happen.
    Congrats and thank you!! Todd Kaminski and Family

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